Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 137

"Inglorious Lefterds" Edition

hairybeast at The Constitution Club:
"Tarantino makes the overarching moral context quite clear: Nazism is repugnant and evil, and must be opposed at all costs. This makes individual acts of horror okay – the blood is washed away because it serves a greater good. The clear political message: anything you do to a person is okay, no matter how horrid, if he’s corrupted by repellent beliefs. And maybe this is the rub: if you apply this attitude to the current political scene, wherein the liberals have spent the last several years brutally demonizing and destroying their opponents (A.K.A. Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell), you see the mindset in action. Anything you do to conservatives is okay, because their ideology is repellent, too."
DrJohn at Flopping Aces:
"What if Sarah Palin said 'Black people don’t watch meet the Press'?"
David J. Hentosh at the Thomas Jefferson Club Blog:
"Bill Maher, a progressive icon, has become more and more unhinged in his sneering attempts to disparage opposition. His continued attempts to smear Tea Parties as racist are now being joined by irrational attacks against almost everyone who thinks differently, and that is a very large crowd. A recent diatribe over Bret Favre’s behavior morphed into a put-down of all white men and then, of course, he couldn’t help but end with railing against Sarah Palin, his most feared enemy. Maher’s pompous and irrational rage is increasing as his viewpoint continues to lose ground... For the past two years, progressives have been poor winners, gloating as if they have triumphed over Middle America. They haven’t, and their poor-loser behavior can be expected to get much worse. It won’t be pretty, but it will be somewhat satisfying to watch."
Sen. Lindsey Graham on CBS' "Face the Nation":
"When she came into South Carolina and endorsed Nikki Haley, it took her from from fourth place to first place... People on our side like Sarah. She talks in a way they can understand."
Joanne Bamberge at Pundit Mom:
"We’re a country with mommy issues... As Sarah Palin discovered the hard way, even mama grizzlies running for political office are scrutinized through the lens of 'good motherhood.' And mothers who want to grow their online business presence get marginalized by the likes of the New York Times as women seeking some 'girly-bonding' at a 'modern day coffee-klatsch.' ... The world of social media has no barriers to entry and will ultimately open these doors that mothers have been trying to knock down for years. Don’t worry about the rising takeover, though. As our kids know, moms are benevolent rulers."
Taylor Marsh via Twitter:
"@politico re: @SarahPalinUSA being cause of 'fissures' that = GOP divide. Without Palin, GOTP would be sunk."
RightCoastGirl at Right Coast:
"Meghan McCain... the same chick that recently whined that Sarah Palin was more popular than her and got all the attention... [is] apparently jealous of Christine O'Donnell too, calling O'Donnell a 'nutjob.' This coming from a woman who 'almost overdosed on Xanax the day before the election' in a desperate cry for attention and then complained that her unstable actions and admission thereof, didn't glean her enough attention."
Niall O'Dowd at Irish Central:
"Absurd as Michelle Obama rated ahead of Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin as most powerful woman..."
Karen Fesler at A Reluctant Revolutionary:
"The sisterhood of politicians is a tough sorority to join... From Christine O’Donnell to Sarah Palin, women in politics deserve to be put under the same scrutiny for their positions on policy as anyone else. But to summarily dismiss or impune a woman on personal issues or with the most vile and disgusting terms shows that maybe we have not come as far along baby as the feminists of the 1960s would want us to believe."
Sen. John McCain on ABC's "Nightline":
"I haven't seen anyone since Ronald Reagan that with certain individuals and large groups of individuals who really have this passionate belief and support for [Sarah Palin]. It's really a remarkable thing to observe."
Suzanne Fields at The Washington Times:
"Meg Whitman should be a feminist icon, but the dwindling gloomy band of radical feminists is too busy pouring new whine into old battles to celebrate success... In a more logical world, such feminists would see Sarah Palin as a fulfillment of their cause and the affirmation of their revolution, an independent, gun-totin' married mother of five who not only governed a state but became an authentic candidate for vice president of the United States. But the radical feminists can't abide her conservative politics, so they denigrate her smarts. She's put down as a howling she-wolf in Mama Grizzly clothing. Radical feminism was never about making the path easier for all women, only for the women who agreed with the radical feminists' agenda. So it was only a matter of time until conservative women would give birth to their own politics."
Da Techguy:
"Joe Scarborough... said Sarah Palin... would have been better off staying in Alaska when it comes to electability. Joe Joe Joe… I love you man but you guys have a huge blind spot when it comes to Sarah Palin, and when you say this kind of thing it may appeal to the MSNBC base but it has no relation to objective reality. As for polls tell me where Barack Obama was... in Dec 2006..."
James Pethokoukis at Reuters:
"Let me reiterate that I think Palin is almost certainly running for president as a Republican. So does the Romney campaign... I also think she can certainly win the GOP nomination and presidency. The media-created caricature of her has created such a low competence hurdle that she only needs to be as well-spoken/ well-versed on policy as the typical member of Congress to clear it. In fact, she may already be there... And the bigger the GOP primary field the better it is for her... As for the general, two more years of abnormally high unemployment — twice as high as the typical level for the past generation — has created vulnerability for Obama that is hard to measure. But the midterm results will give a big hint... Like RR, Palin has been maligned and downgraded by the media and punditocracy. But when Reagan stood next to Jimmy Carter and got to make his case in his own words, opinions changed."
Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media:
"Bonus fun: Sarah Palin would thrash Barack Obama in Texas in a presidential head-to-head if it were held today, by two touchdowns."
Jennifer Caballero at Cubachi:
"There is something to be said about Rubio willing to have the former Alaskan governor campaign for him. The liberal media loves to perpetuate this wrong narrative that Sarah Palin is a negative influence on candidates, that she incites anger among democrats and independents, etc. She is not a negative at all. However, she does drive the looney left to fits because she’s a conservative. She’s right on the issues, is effective enough at revealing the left’s insane policies, and promotes conservatism effectively. I see no other Republican who attracts more support and attention than Palin. Lines are unbelievably long to see her; people pay outstanding amounts of money just to see her in person, hear her speak or meet her; tickets to her events are almost always sold out; and the media falls all over themselves to live stream her speeches or get an interview with her. Now why is that? If she is so ineffective and unimportant, why the attention?"
- JP

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