Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The American Pundit: Now Charlie Crist Flip-Flops on Sarah Palin

Stephan Tawney at The American Pundit makes the observation that the desperation of worthless weasel "Sorry Charlie" Crist, who trails a surging Marco Rubio in the polls by double digits, is not a pretty sight:
The likes of Sarah Palin are too extreme, we’re told by a guy who said he was “impressed” with her and thought she’d make a great president just two years ago. He also said she is “bright”, “impressive”, and ready to be commander-in-chief should something have happened to McCain. “She’d do a great job,” as vice president, Crist told CNN.

Palin hasn’t changed since 2008 but Charlie Crist’s political ambitions — and his party registration — have.
Conservative Floridians obviously find Rubio much preferable to Crist, the mother of all Vichy Republicans. So he's reaching out to Democrats and left-leaning independents. What else is the governor who lost his spine to do? Other than bash Gov. Palin and other good Reagan conservatives as "too extreme," that is.

- JP

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