Monday, October 25, 2010

Gov. Palin may not respond to Mirengoff post but this Mama Grizzly will…

- by Voting Female

Don't you find it... odd?

Karl Rove's O'Donnell-bashing pre-dicky-meant?

I Do...

Mama Grizzly is watching...

Paul Mirengoff doesn't seem to find it odd and takes an opportunity, in the last two weeks before the mid-term elections, to bash both Huckabee and Christine O’Donnell in one article. Conspicuously missing in Paul Mirengoff’s GOP Elitist hit piece is Sarah Palin. Perhaps the reason for that is Sarah Palin bites back leaving her own personal Mama Grizzly imparted ‘woundings’ when deserved.

Paul Mirengoff — Power Line Blog:

Mike Huckabee has blasted Karl Rove and the “Republican Party establishment” for the “elitism” and “country club attitude” that he claims has driven Republican criticism of Christine O’Donnell. Huckabee says that he too was the victim of the such elitism when he ran for president. In Huckabee’s view, both he and O’Donnell suffer because they “didn't go to the right school and [attend] the proper cocktail parties on the D.C. social circuit.”

This expression of self-pity is beyond stupid.

mmmm… stupid. Oh wait, “beyond stupid.” I see… and Mirengoff goes on to say:

The problem that some in the Republican establishment (and some of outside it) have with O’Donnell begins with the fact that she has very little chance of being elected, and her nomination seems destined to cost the Republicans a pick-up in the Senate in a year when majority status is a possibility. The problem extends to concerns about O’Donnell’s flakiness and seeming inability responsibly to handle her own financial affairs, among other things.

O’Donnell’s poll numbers reflect to a degree, but in no small measure, the results of GOP Elitist attack commentaries and pieces such as this Megan McCain-esque snort-piece from Mirengoff.

Is Paul Mirengoff a Romney backer? Remember Romney backers in the McCain campaign whispering anonymously to the lamestream media, that which was intended to hurt Sarah Palin? Gee… how forthright and un-progressive like, these backers of Romney.

While I am not a Huckabee backer for a 2012 presidential run possibility, you will not see me bashing Huckabee as some GOP Establishment Elitist-wannabe bloggers are bashing Christine O’Donnell and Mike Huckabee and, when the time is right again, Sarah Palin.

But Huckabee’s attack on Rove shouldn't be understood as a serious argument. Like most of what Huckabee says, it is better understood as a means of advancing his interests – in this case, his interest in currying favor with the Tea Party movement in advance of a possible (and I would think probable) run for the presidency.

To me, it is not that Huckabee is “currying favor,” rather, it is Mirengoff currying disfavor, not that I expect anything less in an anti-Huckabee hit piece… However, [I] will make my own decisions as to what to understand as a “serious argument” and what to discard.

It does not matter what life handed to someone or did not hand to someone who has the will, determination, and grit to get a job done and done right.

Michael Oher is a perfect example of overcoming life circumstances and non-snobbery enabling that has allowed Michael to get a job done and done right with will, determination, and grit.

Karl Rove, interviewed just recently by Der Spiegel, a dominant European media company, and said that the Tea Party movement is unsophisticated.

The grassroots Tea Party movement is not a political party. The GOP is a political party who, like the Democrat Political party, has a problem with listening to the voices of the Majority of Voters in this country.

If the GOP thinks they can tell the American Population to shut-up and sit down like Obama & Co does... they will be replaced in a new Conservative Party who does listen.


Voting Female, Texas born and raised, blogs from New England.

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