Monday, October 25, 2010

Email from Sarah Palin: Everything to Lose


A Special Message from Sarah Palin:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

This November, voters in Alaska and throughout the country have a choice to make.

Alaska needs a senator who will fight for fiscal sanity, support the brave men and women serving in our military, and have the courage to protect the natural beauty of the Last Frontier. Joe Miller will fight for Alaska's opportunities to develop our natural resources and put Alaskans TO WORK!

They can vote for the status quo – the career politicians who helped get our country in this economic mess – or they can vote for common sense conservatives like Joe Miller.

Fellow conservatives, join me in rallying around Joe! Please support him by making an online donation today.

Conservatives need to rally around Joe Miller. He is the only true conservative in this race.

While Lisa Murkowski and her special interests have nothing to lose in this race, Alaskans and conservatives across the country have everything to lose.

Please donate anything that you can spare to make sure Joe, the true conservative, wins this race.

Joe Miller will fight for the people of Alaska, and this great country. Public service should be an honor not a family dynasty. Show your support for him today.

With an Alaskan heart,
Sarah Palin signature
- JP

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