Friday, October 22, 2010

Rep. Jim Moran is a Moron

Democrat Congressman Jim Moran, who represents Virginia's 8th District, doesn’t consider serving in the military to be public service. Here's Moran The Moron at the October 6th meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee:

Moran’s opponent happens to be Col. Patrick Murray (US Army-Ret.), who served 24 years in uniform, was deployed to four different combat zones, including Baghdad, as part of the 2007 troop surge under Gen. David Petraeus, and was even shot at by foreign combatants. If that isn’t public service, I don’t know what is.

Paper shuffling in Washington, apparently. And this was not Moran’s only military-related misstep.

On October 11th, the Military Officers Association of America sent a letter to the Moran campaign requesting that the congressman stop distributing a flyer clearly implying that MOAA had endorsed Moran for reelection.
It did not.
So Moran disses his opponent’s military record when he’s with his Democratic pals, then uses – without authorization – the reputation of a military group to help him get reelected. Classy.
We've always known that those on the left are, for the most part, no friends of our military, though the brave men and women who wear the uniform have put their lives on the line for the ingrates countless times. But Congressional liberals rarely allow their resentment of our troops and vets to be publicly witnessed, as Moran did here. It is long past time to retire this ungrateful, unpatriotic wretch.

Sarah Palin endorsed Col. Murray, along with all the other Combat Veterans For Congress candidates, October 10.

- JP

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