Friday, October 22, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 136

Special "Don't know Jack Sheets about history" Edition (The Threequel)...

Warner Todd Huston at Chicago Now - Publius' Forum:
"The idiots of the left went wild with Palin's 1773 date. It proved that Palin was an idiot, they said. Why, the only famous date in our early history is 1776, they chortled. Palin is obviously too stupid to know we became a nation in 1776 they guffawed... Of course, these leftist idiots proved themselves illiterate enough not to know that Palin wasn't referencing the 1776 birth of the nation. Palin was at a Tea Party rally and was referencing the Boston Tea Party... you know, the one that occurred in 1773? Yeah, remember that one?"
Jared H. McAndersen at The Looking Spoon:
"I think these morons party like its 1973...that's why they think like their brains have VD."
Raje at Raje's Rants:
"They're So Used to Revising History, They Don't Remember It... Can someone teach the left-wing and mainstream media (I know, redundant) some American history? I know they're eager to pounce on and mock Sarah Palin for just about anything, but when you end up making yourself look stupid, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the Palin obsession."
SondraK at Knowledge Is Power:
"The minute she said that I knew this was going to happen…"
Neo-Neocon at Pajamas Media:
"Yes, it’s a funny story. But it has a serious side — and contains a lesson for the left, if they could ever learn it. The message is this: if you misunderestimate (Bush’s word) your opposition, that’s a form of hubris. And when hubris arrives, can nemesis be far behind? But the left has such a low opinion of Sarah Palin’s intelligence and knowledge that they frequently assume not only that she is ignorant of the more subtle details of history that are easily grasped by leftist intellectuals, but that she lacks even the sort of basic information about American history that used to be taught to every grade school student. That is a mistake of epic proportions, not only because Palin might surprise them by coming across better than they have come to expect, but because it can lead them directly to the sort of pitfalls that lie in wait for those who make such arrogant assumptions... The idea that Sarah Palin might be subtle enough to make a pun about 'party' and 'Tea Party'... and that she also knows something about history that they don’t know, is simply incomprehensible to them. Therefore they fell into the trap."
Conservatarian at The Voice of Reason:
"The left believes in government schools. Maybe that is why the left is so weak on history."
Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority Report:
"Sarah exhorted a crowd of Tea Partiers not to celebrate this election too soon by saying 'Don't party like it's 1773 yet.' Markos Moulitsas and PBS's Gwen Ifill immediately tweeted disparaging remarks about Palin thinking she'd been confused about her dates but it turned out they were only highlighting their own ignorance. Palin, of course, was referencing the Boston Tea Party which makes sense as she was speaking in front of a bunch of Tea Partiers. Duh! As we know the media dislikes right wing women and they push the meme as often as they can that they're stupid. This week the media embarrassed themselves. But unfortunately this won't stop them. I'm sure they're going to embarrass themselves a lot more the next few years."
DrJohn at Flopping Aces:
"Liberals just love trying to beat up on Sarah Palin. They repeatedly question her intelligence. And she just wipes the poop off the floor with them."
Ron Robinson at
"Events have conspired to serve us well. Our battlefield is prepared for us as few ever are. Except for small, isolated pockets, there simply is not any good news for the Democrats in these midterm elections... All this embroidered with the tapestry of the prodigious ‘me too’ idiocy we saw... in the 1773 v 1776 meme transmitted instantly throughout the lefty blogosphere without the most cursory examination by their weighty intellects. A perfect metaphor for the unexamined acceptance of socialistic memes over the last 50 years, and even the national conversation we had over healthcare legislation this past year. Intellectual giants ready for the really big thoughts, to be sure."
Reed the Viking:
"Maybe Palin's smarter than I give her credit for. The left/media consistently plays into her hands and ends up looking foolish for it."
James Taranto at WSJ's Best of the Web Today:
"Conservatives have been crowing about a mass show of liberal ignorance, chronicled by a blogger writing under the Ayn Rand-inspired pen name 'Cuffy Meigs,' in response to a speech in which, as the Los Angeles Times reported, Sarah Palin exhorted supporters that it was premature to 'party like it's 1773.' Meigs rounds up tweets from prominent liberals like Markos 'Kos' Moulitsas ('She's so smart') and journalists like PBS's Gwen Ifill, moderator of the 2008 vice presidential debate ('ummm,'). Steve Paulo, WTF he is, asks, 'WTF happened in 1773?!' The Boston Tea Party, that's what. Ifill and Moulitsas were born in 1955 and 1971, respectively, meaning that they were in high school during the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Clearly the Republicans were slashing education funding in order that liberals would grow up ignorant, misleading voters into thinking Sarah Palin isn't stupid just because she knows stuff."
Eric at Classical Values:
"I was wrong. They're not having an Emily Litella moment! Having an Emily Litella moment requires admitting that you got it wrong..."
Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
"Why do people on the Left do this to themselves over and over? Why must they allow their Palin Derangement Syndrome to expose their own weaknesses while trying to find weaknesses in Governor Palin? Wouldn't it be better -- less embarrassing -- to throw in the towel now before they look even more petty and yes, more stupid? ... It must be tough to be a bitter Liberal frightened by the 'insignificant' Sarah Palin. I almost feel sorry for them -- almost. These people fall for it every single time. What am I saying? Am I actually suggesting Governor Palin knew exactly what would happen when she threw 1773 out there? You betcha!"
Cam2Cam at The Colossus of Rhodey:
"What happens when you blindly follow 'the narrative'? You get burned."
William Teach at Pirate's Cove:
"If Democrats are just so much smarter than everyone else, particularly Republicans/Conservatives, then why has the economy been in such dismal shape despite the recession being over (supposedly) for well over a year? Why has the unemployment rate continued to hover in the 9% range? Why have they been unable to get their message out that the Stimulus and ObamaCare are just 'super duper awesome wonderful'? Why did Obama not realize that there were no 'shovel ready jobs'? Why do they have to govern, if you can call it that, by attacking their opponents, rather than laying out a reasonable, rational, calm discourse? In Liberal World, it is because everyone is stupid, of course... And let’s not forget their big unforced error regarding Sarah Palin and 1773... Interesting that so many 'smart' Democrats are about to join Obama’s unemployment line."
Michael Costello at The Pajamahadin:
"Being Liberal Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry..."
Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media:
"Public broadcaster Gwen Ifill got herself into some trouble on Twitter for siding with Markos 'screw them' Moulitsas, aka Kos, against Sarah Palin. Palin, in a speech, rallied her Tea Party supporters not to 'party like it’s 1773 yet,' and Kos slammed her for the date, which, BIG HINT, is the year of the Boston Tea Party. And Ifill joined in the mockery on Twitter, only to dishonestly backtrack once Kos’ gaffe got called out. There are a couple of things at work in all that. One, Ifill assumed that Palin was ignorant while assuming that Kos wasn’t. That’s bias, and Ifill is supposed to be an objective reporter. And two, Ifill dishonestly dealt with the issue and, evidently from her subsequent silence, hoped it all would just go away. It might have, but thanks to NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, it won’t. Or it shouldn’t. (It will, and that’s among the problems with public broadcasting.)"
Catron at Health Care BS:
"I think Palin deliberately punked them. She knew many of them wouldn’t get the 'party like it’s 1773' allusion, and that they’d be tweeting and blogging their empty heads off."
Neptunus Lex:
"This is an interesting example of the wholly unfounded intellectual narcissism of the liberal left elites – Our Sarah is giving a speech to a Tea Party group in Reno and tells them that 'it’s too soon to party like it’s 1773'. Markos 'Smartest Guy in the Room' Moulitsas of Daily Kos fame, tweets that she’s 'She’s so smart,' apparently not realizing that 1773 was the year of the, you know, Boston Tea Party. This is not ubiquitous among rank and file folks, but all too common among those who would pretend to speak for them: Male conservatives are either stupid or evil. The women are merely stupid. They’d never get away with that kind of sexist thinking in their own camp, but they don’t get called out on it when it crosses ideological boundaries."
hogan at
"That paragon of fairness and balance from PBS, Gwen Ifill, lept at the opportunity to make fun of Palin for getting a date wrong. The problem, of course, was that Palin was correctly referring to the year of the Boston Tea Party. Oops."
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- JP

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