Friday, July 1, 2011

Liberals can't handle the truth about Sarah Palin, so they lie.

"Progressives" are telling a whopper about the Palins' MOA book signing
The political left cannot handle the truth about Sarah Palin so they consistently bear false witness against the first woman to be both governor of Alaska and the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

For example, the leftist blogs are regurgitating a bogus Democrat talking point that the book signing at Minnesota's Mall of America was poorly attended. Sewer blog Wonkette and its fellow travelers in the leftosphere are prevaricating, as they are inclined to do every time they put up a post about Gov. Palin and her family, when they claim that "only 300 people showed up to attend the Sarah and Bristol Palin book signing of Bristol’s new memoir... The family abandoned the stage half an hour before the end of the time slot because there was nobody left."

That's the lie. However, the Associated Press, a media institution which has not exactly been friendly to Gov. Palin, reported:
"The mall estimates about 1,500 people turned out..."
1500 people showed up for the signing? But, but, but... that would mean that leftists are lying when they insist that only 300 turned out.

Let's check another source. According to local television station KSTP-TV:
"A crowd at Mall of America waited hours to see ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin, her husband Todd, their daughter Bristol and her son Tripp."

The crowd "waited hours" to see Gov. Palin and her family? How can that be, when the "progressive" prevaricators claim that few showed up and nobody stayed? Who are you going to believe, liberals or your lying eyes and ears?

Here's a third source. From the account by local CBS affiliate WCCO-TV:
"People lined up throughout the day at the Mall of America in Bloomington as Bristol Palin made an appearance for her new memoir..."
Throughout the day? My, my. There you have no less than three independent sources that expose the liberal lie for what it is.

The source for the bottom-feeding bloggers' bullsh*t offensive seems to be a disingenuous account posted by Jessica Lussenhop at the untrustworthy site City Pages. According to her Linked In profile, Lussenhop attended the "Academy for Alternative Journalism" and the leftist Journolister factory otherwise know as the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Oh, and she also did some time at Ms. Magazine. No agenda-driven distortion by Ms. Lussenhop, no ma'am.

So why the lie? Even if a lefty journo hates Sarah Palin with a purple passion, why intentionally write a dishonest account of something as relatively pedestrian as a book signing and then put your name behind it? There's just one logical conclusion. It's not just hate at work here, but fear as well. The left is so afraid of Sarah Palin as a potential threat to the faux socialist utopia they are clumsily constructing that they will do literally anything, even lie their sorry butts off, to maintain the narrative that she does not enjoy the popular support that we see displayed for her everywhere she goes.

It's not that the left cannot recognize the truth about Sarah Palin. They just can't handle it. So they tell lies about her. If they weren't so evil they'd be pathetic.

- JP

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