Friday, July 29, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 342

“Fox On The Run” Edition

Sherry Tomfeld, at Associated Content:
“Sarah Palin has a powerful, loyal base that the other candidates can only dream of. Palin can raise millions with a tweet that she is running. The Internet will have her up to speed with the other candidates in a flash. Palin draws thousands to rallies... Maybe the reason she is not disclosing her ‘plan’ for the debt crisis is because she will use it in her run. The media should be more concerned that the President does not have a ‘plan’ for the debt crisis. The media should be reporting on the lack of leadership displayed by the President and Democrats. They are in office; they should have had plans months/years ago. Sarah Palin is a sly fox. Her refusal to divulge her plans is driving the pundits wild... There is room for Palin to run for President, and there is plenty of time. I like the fact that a woman can make such a splash. Palin leaves me with the impression that she fears nothing, except letting her country down.”
Michael D. Shear, at The Caucus:
“Sarah Palin has impeccable timing.”
Shushannah Walshe and Sheila Marikar, at The Note:
“The Sept. 3 trip will be Palin’s second visit to the key election state this year. She attended the Pella, Iowa, premiere of the documentary about her, ‘The Undefeated,’ in June. Her keynote speech will fall two days after ‘The Undefeated’ gets released on pay-per-view and video-on-demand. A tea party insider with knowledge of the rally said the timing is not a coincidence: ‘Labor Day weekend is the traditional kick-off to political campaigns, [and] it’s going to be all Sarah all the time.’ The same source pointed out that Palin has ‘sucked the news cycles of three major summer holidays’ because her ‘One Nation’ bus tour launched Memorial Day weekend, ‘The Undefeated’ premiered ahead of July 4 weekend, and this event falls on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.”
Doug Powers, at
“Palin’s Labor Day weekend appearance, coincidentally, will be on the three-year anniversary of her Republican Convention speech.”
Rev. Michael Bresciani, at RenewAmerica:
“If Mitt Romney is the party nominee he will most assuredly lose running against Barack Obama. Sarah Palin has a chance to beat Obama but that doesn't mean all our troubles will go away if she is elected. In fact, the economy will continue to turn down but we would have a strong leader to walk us through the hard times... You could take a bet but I'm not offering any, you could take some advice but I'm not offering any of that either. Or you could take a hard look at what you will someday come to see, was on the order of a prophetic utterance. Romney cannot defeat Obama. I don't know whether to say ‘over and out’ or ‘amen’ but I would stand by this proclamation to the end... You will vote for your best candidate and that is what America is all about, but for the moment Sarah Palin may be the only candidate that has a chance to uproot the incumbent. She could be described as ‘The front runner that's still on the back burner.’”
Righty64, at Right View from the Left Coast:
“And remember, my friends, don't blame me! I voted for Palin!”
Nicolas Mendoza, at Soros-funded The American Independent:
“A new Gallup poll shows that while a plurality of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would pick former Gov. Mitt Romney as their preferred presidential nominee, more Southern Republicans would pick Texas Gov. Rick Perry or former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Neither Perry nor Palin has officially announced a presidential campaign. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani achieved second place among Eastern Republicans, after Romney, while Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) is in a statistical tie for second place with Perry, Palin and Giuliani among Midwestern and Western Republicans.”
Pew Research Center:
“The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press... finds that just 31% of independent voters want to see Obama reelected, down from 42% in May.”
TWB, at The POH Diaries:
“One More Reason To Vote For Sarah Palin... As if you needed one... My guess is if Sarah Palin won the Presidency, George Lopez would still be on TBS or wherever he is doing jokes about her. Just another empty threat. It’s nice to dream anyway... I suppose the obvious is that if all of these libs followed through on their vain threats then our fight to save the country wouldn’t be nearly as hard.”
Cathy Smoorenburg, at Tea Party Brewing:
“Whoever did the evaluation on Sarah Palin got it wrong at NumbersUSA.”
Victoria Jackson, at Vicki Goes to Washington:
“Wanna get into the mind of Norwegian Breivik the Bomber? Fundamental Christianity doesn’t live there... The liberal media, including Clinton, tried to blame the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for the actions of Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot Democratic Congresswoman Gabrille Giffords. According to the left’s own Huffington Post, Loughner listed on Facebook, The Communist Manifesto, and Mein Kampf as two of his favorite books. The Bible wasn’t in his list. I’d concur that Loughner was more of a Leftie. The liberal media claimed Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber to be a right wing extremist also... The liberal media lies. It’s called Propaganda. Hitler used it. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are using it; the enemy within. Reid just used the word ‘extremist’ 8 times in describing the conservative position on solving the deficit problem. Need I say more?”
Bloodthirsty Liberal:
“Ah yes, what’s a news report about a mass murdering maniac without a reference to Sarah Palin? Incomplete, that’s what.”
Ben Hart, at
“What liberals want everyone to believe is that the real threat to domestic tranquility is Sarah Palin and Tea Party types. Remember when they tried to blame Jared Loughner’s shooting rampage in Arizona on conservative talk radio and Sarah Palin? Then it turned out he didn’t listen to conservative radio, did not follow the news at all, and had no interest in politics. Remember when the media tried to tell us that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian? Then it turned out he was an atheist. I think something along these lines is happening here... Funny how there was virtually no coverage in the mainstream media of the fact that the Unabomber had a copy of Al Gore’s book ‘Earth in the Blanace’ in his shack. Gore’s book was heavily underlined with lots of handwritten notes in the margins by the Unabomber. But not much concern by liberals about violent environmental extremists — such as Earth First.”
Dan Phillips, at Biblical Christianity:
“In PR terms, Christmas has come early for the Left/MSM: they have found a terrorist to whom they can attach ‘far-right’ conservatism, fundamentalist Christianity, and the name of Sarah Palin. It's a propaganda trifecta.”
Tammy Bruce:
“There is still a lot to find out about the terrorist attacks in Oslo, but one thing is for sure, just as with the Tucson massacre, the American left is reveling in the possibility that they could make political points from the heinous acts. And just as with Tucson, the Left put its target (again) on American conservatives and Governor Sarah Palin. This horrific and ghoulish use of mass murder to score political points is moved today by a Roger Cohen column in the New York Times. Through this column, which gives this obscene meme the NYT Seal of Approval, Cohen blames the Oslo attacks on American conservatives, Palin and Republicans in general, but also repeats the lie that Tucson shooter Loughner was the product of all non-liberal concerns... In the shadow of this rank tripe at the increasingly bizarre and absurd New York Times (which should be at the top of the list for Palinistas and the Fingers on the Keyboard campaign), there are some thoughtful and important pieces emerging exposing the Left Wing lie of attaching Oslo to Christians and conservatives. In the midst of what will be renewed and appalling attacks on conservatives using Oslo, here is a list of Required Reading to give all conservatives the information to reject and combat these specious accusations...”
Exit Quote: Napoleon Bonaparte:
“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.”
- JP

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