Saturday, July 30, 2011

Texans traveling to Iowa for 'Restoring America' TEA Party Rally

Road Trip!
The Texas chapter of Organize4Palin has chartered a bus to travel to Waukee Iowa for the September 3 “Restoring America” rally being organized by Tea Party of America. Sarah Palin has agreed to deliver the keynote address at the event, one which many of the governor's supporters hope will be the venue at which she will announce that she will be a candidate for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

The charter is scheduled to depart Dallas Thursday night, September 1st, and to return Sunday night, September 4th. The O4P Texans are having the bus wrapped in “Texas is Palin Country” livery.

Seats are still available at $175 per round trip ticket, which includes transfers to and from the event site. Lodging is not included but O4P has arranged for special able group rate.

If you would like to make the trip and live in or can get to the Dallas - Fort Worth area to catch the bus, September 1st, click here to contact the Texas O4P coordinator for DFW.

h/t: Jelayne Sessler

- JP

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