Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 335

Special “We Are The Undefeated” Edition

John Hayward , at Human Events:
“The new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, opened to solid box office numbers this weekend. Oddly, the Atlantic tried to cook up a quick hit piece on the Palin film by sending the hapless Conor Friedersdorf to an unadvertised midnight showing in Orange County on a Thursday night... They had to work fast to manufacture this hit, since the eagerness of Palin fans to see The Undefeated was not exactly a secret. I want Palin to run because I want a candidate who inspires that kind of desperation in the Left... This might sound harsh, but I also consider the way Palin brings out the knuckle-dragging misogyny of liberals to be a plus. Modern liberalism is an ideology of hatred and envy. Its blood burns hotter as every product of its imagination becomes a titanic failure in the real world. It has nothing left but hatred now... They spend their time looking for targets, not solutions... Most importantly of all, I like Palin’s aura of confidence… not just in herself, but in the people of the United States. There is something luminous about the way she expresses it. Her cheerful reverence and affection for ordinary people is both comforting and inspiring. Many candidates give impressive performances. Not all of them seem as impressed by us as Palin does. To Palin, we are ‘the undefeated.’”
Mary Milliken, at Reuters:
“Toward the end of the film, which features Palin making speeches to the emerging Tea Party movement, the audience in Orange began to clap.”
Madeleine McAulay, at Faith Hope and Politics:
“We had a pretty diverse group, with a broad spectrum of age, gender, and race, but there were no ‘minorities’ -- we were just a group getting together to support the Restoration of America... We all made our way into the packed theatre when we were informed, by the Director, Mr. Bannon, that both the 7:15 and the 10:00 showing were SOLD OUT! The group burst in excitement, and I knew I was in a place full of patriots! Throughout the entirety of the movie I could feel power and the heart that was being exhibited on the screen. Within the two hour film the entire theatre cheered and clapped at least 6 times! And of course, following the movie, it received a standing ovation!”
Nice Deb:
“I watched the film (2nd time) at the Independence, MO location 7:00 showing, [Friday] night, where the theater was filled to a 90-95% capacity. I met two gentlemen who traveled from Des Moines to watch the movie.”
Chris of Rights:
“Act 3 was the most amazing part of the film. It’s here where we see Palin at her ‘coming out party’ the Republican National Convention in 2008. We see the genesis of the Tea Party movement and her help in it. We see clips from several of her speeches at Tea Party events and at other venues. And what we see is a woman that’s a natural at giving a stump speech. I’d forgotten that. It’s amazing to watch. We have a President now that is so politically tone deaf, and she’s the exact opposite. And she doesn’t just speak what the crowd wants to hear. She speaks from her heart, which is what makes the message so powerful and dynamic. She will absolutely change the dynamic of the Presidential race if she enters it... I was also left with one other impression. It hit me in the final 10-15 minutes of the film. My wife and I are currently raising two wonderful daughters. My wife is a wonderful role model for them, and I salute her for that. But Palin’s story, this movie, is a remarkable exhibit of what one woman can do if she has guts and determination and sticks to her core beliefs. I found myself wishing that my daughters were just a bit older so I could show this to them. Maybe after her first term is over.”
James Swift, at Kennesaw Patch:
“When Sarah Palin said, ‘More government is not the answer,’ the audience in theater 8 at AMC Barrett Commons 24 erupted with applause.”
Right Wingnut, at Right Speak:
“The journalist from The Atlantic claims to have had the intent of interviewing Palin supporters about the movie. As the author of the linked article rightfully points out, it seems a bit disingenuous of the leftist hack to show up at midnight to a showing that wasn't even listed on AMC's website, and expect a sizable crowd. The target audience for The Undefeated has jobs to go to in the morning, and were likely sound asleep by that time. I stand by the original premise of my post. The intent of the Atlantic hit piece was to make Palin look bad by spinning the narrative that The Undefeated is doomed to failure.”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“The new Sarah Palin documentary, ‘The Undefeated’ debuted in select theaters this weekend. It’s still early, but so far, it is garnering impressive reviews.”
Windflier, at Free Republic:
“The Undefeated shows a person of unimpeachable character and good will, who simply wants to see our nation achieve its full potential. The movie shows a person who sees big government, high taxes, corruption and cronyism, violations of our Founding Charter, and feckless politicians as the stumbling block to us achieving that promise, and one who is determined to do whatever it takes to see this country righted... After seeing the movie, I can also say that I see someone who's running for president. It's quite clear that that office lies along the natural trajectory of her path in life. Watch the clips of her acceptance speech in 2008, and you can clearly see that she had the natural bearing of that office, even then. It's in her eyes, in her speech, and pours forth from every pore of her being. I saw it then, and I just saw it again today. Go see the movie, no matter where you stand on the developing presidential race. If you already support Sarah Palin, you're going to learn a great deal more about her than you already do. If you don't support her, you may discover that you agree with her a lot more than you did previously. One last thing. There was a sustained round of applause at the end of the movie.”
Nicole Coulter, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Since when do we talk about political biographies premiering at 12:01 a.m. like a summer blockbuster?”
Mark Wohlers, former Atlanta Braves World Series Champion pitcher:
“I’ve been fascinated with Governor Palin since she entered the national stage. I believe that if she decided to run for President it would be for all the right reasons, so I wanted to see this movie. There has been so much media distortion that it’s difficult to know what to believe. I encourage everyone to come see the movie, forget everything you’ve heard, and decide for yourself.”
Andrew Breitbart, via Twitter:
“#TheUndefeated #2 (out of 30) behind HarryPotter per screen AVG according to 5 o'clock read/AMC. Suck on that StinkyFreakyCondor®: @conor64”
Arhooley, at American Girl:
“Whom will the film convince? ... I think the vast, unconvinced, unknowing, and hesitant middle may change their minds if they see it or if word dribbles out that she's not as dumb as she's made out to be... In the final scenes, Sarah speaks on her book tour and at 2010 campaign venues. Her voice and words are courageous, the crowds are on fire, but I see a motivating anguish in her eyes... I swear she's fighting back tears at the podium as she contemplates the awful possibility that this blessed nation could fall to its enemies on the left. Surely it's too much for her to witness without offering her heart in service once again.”
Stephen Bannon, to Denver Post Film Critic Lisa Kennedy:
“We certainly want to have a good opening, and then we'll take it out to other areas. We're definitely going to Alaska...”
Mark Whittington, at Associated Content:
“By all accounts, ‘The Undefeated,’ the Sarah Palin biop, which was placed in limited release in ten screens across the country, did surprisingly well... Having a documentary feature motion picture about oneself released as a way to prepare the battleground for a possible run for the presidency is certainly unorthodox. But that is keeping with Palin' modus operandi. She rarely does something the tried and true way. She always does the unexpected. But one suspects, that if Palin runs and wins, or even does well, people will be studying her methods for quite some time.”
Brisbane Times:
The Undefeated, a documentary tracing Sarah Palin's rise to political power, has opened in US theatres to overwhelmingly positive opinion.”
Jim, at Rants for Reasonable People:
“The movie does something I didn't think possible. It finally gives a factual and final riposte to the question of why she stepped down as Governor. I read Rogue and listened to her defense many, many times and still didn't completely 'buy' that this was the best thing to do. The movie somehow puts to rest any concern that this was anything but a patriotic and selfless act - possibly because of the key first person testimony of her chief of staff. I knew that libs didn't care about morality and right/wrong but in expediency of their cause. But hearing her describe the discussion with someone filing ethics charges KNOWING they had no basis - finally helped me to see Palin in the light of a true patriot, doing what was best for her constituency.”
Ad rem, at The Last Refuge:
“The Reagan Revolution is the Tea Party of today -- they are the two great conservative movements of our time. We see comparative clips of Palin and Reagan, and the similarities are unmistakable.”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“Given Sarah Palin’s following and the targeted release this weekend, that number should be very, very good, and it’s likely that quite a few more cities will see The Undefeated open next weekend. Millions of people find Palin compelling, and one would expect them to flock to theaters to see the film. The comparison to Harry Potter might be apt in concept, if perhaps not in scale; Palin has a winning brand, and this film allows for more access to her for her supporters. Essentially, The Undefeated is a book adaptation, too, from Going Rogue, and readers of the book and those interested in Palin who haven’t yet tackled the book will want to see the film.”
Kate O'Hare, LA Times media critic:
“The film has the potential of moving the needle one way or the other among GOP voters and independents, as reaction spreads through conservative blogs and mainstream media outlets.”
BJ Wilson, at Coloradans4Palin:
“The entire lefty media strategy is revealed. Rogue blogger makes up a story. Story is ‘cited’ by the lefty echo chamber. A few libs mock Palin with their reviews. And finally, the coup-de-grace, Politico is there to tie it all together in a tidy narrative of conservative failure. Ipso facto, dead movie. Or so they'd like to believe. Because if their ruse doesn't work, and people were to see the movie anyway, their cover would be blown. Palin might (gasp!) run for president, which would make them look very very bad both to their bosses (for failure to suppress her) and to the public (the people to whom they lied about her). From all reports, liberals are converted into Palin supporters on the spot after having seen the movie. So... yeah you'd better watch your back MSM. 'Cause there's a barracuda waiting in the shadows.”
- JP

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