Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Limbaugh: What Sarah Palin actually said

She addresses the concerns of grassroots conservatives like few others are able to do.
In the Wednesday edition of The Washington Times, David Limbaugh has penned an excellent review of Matt Lewis' The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Pain in Her Own Words :
This book is the most honest and objective depiction of Mrs. Palin yet published because it records her own words, directly and accurately, instead of with embellishments and mischaracterizations routinely served up by the agenda-driven media.

As such, it also is the most informative source available on the important views of this dynamic lady, who already has attracted the attention of a nation and is sure to play an even greater role in the months and years to come - irrespective of whether she chooses to throw her hat into the presidential race. Indeed, Mr. Lewis appears to have compiled the book partially out of his frustration that despite endless media coverage, “the vast majority of Palin’s opinions and statements remain unfamiliar.”

Besides, what better way to answer the insults and charges against Mrs. Palin than to consult her own words. Even better, many of these quotes, which address a wide range of political and cultural issues, are extracted from unscripted moments, so we get a real glimpse into Mrs. Palin’s thoughts, absent any editorial airbrushing or blurring.

This book is anything but laborious; it’s a quick and entertaining read, and it confirms that Mrs. Palin is plainspoken, consistent and reliably conservative. Her words resonate with a broad spectrum of Americans - not just hard-core conservatives - because she speaks in a language we understand and addresses our concerns. She distrusts big government and is passionate about America’s unique liberty tradition. And she’s unafraid to speak her mind no matter how politically incorrect her opinions are.


Regardless of your feelings about Mrs. Palin, it’s undeniable that she consistently demonstrates courage and leadership; she has an uncanny knack for anticipating the next important issue and is unafraid to express her opinion without first holding her finger in the wind to assess its political popularity. In the face of relentless attacks, she doesn’t cower or retreat but fights back and demonstrates her resilience in direct proportion to the assaults against her.

Limbaugh concludes that this collection of Sarah Palin quotes has an appeal which reaches beyond the core of the governor's hard core supporters. Those who have been "grossly misled about what she’s made of and who she is" should also read it. Matt Lewis' book shares that quality with "The Undefeated," Stephen Bannon's landmark documentary film. Together, the book and the film clear away every last remaining cobweb of false media narrative and reveal the real Sarah Palin.

- JP

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