Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hell freezes over: Baier Online Panel agrees Sarah Palin could win

And that's not all. folks. Dr. Krauthammer says she "is smart"
All of a sudden Brett Baier's "Special Report" panel, in Wednesday's online edition, is taking Gov. Palin seriously after having been dimmissve of her for months. Even Juan Williams admits that the governor's stature is "much higher" than that of Michelle Bachmann, and Charles Krauthammer says the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee could wind up in a "very strong position" for the GOP nomination. Even more remarkable is Krauthammer's concession that he thinks "she's smart." The Palin discussion begins at the 19:40 mark:

h/t: Sheya

- JP


  1. Fun. But, they sure don't understand Gov. Palin or Reaganite conservatives (or Reagan's 1976 run). Their points are about power moves and spin rather than substance.

    Though Krauthammer gets it right that Gov. Palin is not going to lead a third party movement. She doesn't need to. She can win as a Republican.

    Steve Hayes apparently doesn't get the difference between challenging and running against the stupid and corrupt Republican establishment from the inside and winning and starting a new movement.

  2. Maybe I should fall on the floor and do a prostration now that the great Krauthammer has given us this concession? /s

  3. These fools don't have a clue.

  4. @rae4palin:

    You are right. The woman supported John McCain in his primary.

    ex animo