Sunday, July 31, 2011

'The Victory Sessions' with Stephen Bannon launches tonight on KABC

7PM Texas Time
"The Undefeated" director Stephen K. Bannon makes his debut as radio talk show host this evening with the premiere of "The Victory Sessions" on TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles. Here's the press release:
The inaugural premier first show of “The Victory Sessions” with host Stephen K. Bannon will air on TalkRadio 790 KABC today from 5-7PM PDT immediately following Dodger baseball Victory Media Group announced today. The weekly Sunday show will be broadcast live nationally and focuses on Culture, Economics, Politics, and War and its resulting impact from the perspective of all Americans.

This week’s co-hosts are Tobin Smith of FOX Business News; Adam Tragone and Anthony Lee of Human Events; and Sonnie Johnson, a leading Tea party activist.

The lineup of guests includes FOX News’ Lou Dobbs, Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform and a political roundtable to discuss the latest news from Washington featuring: Peter Boyer, Newsweek; Joshua Green, The Atlantic; Jedediah Bila from The Daily Caller and Ted Johnson, Deputy Editor of Variety. The show will also feature a Tea Party Report from political experts William J. Kelly and Laura Kelly.

With an emphasis on culture as well as politics, the show will also feature segments on cinema and guest Jonathan English, the Director of the film “Ironclad” starring Paul Giammati, Michael Murphy will also discuss the new film adaptation of his classic novel, “Golf in the Kingdom,” which opens this weekend in New York.

“Radio is such a dynamic medium, and it’s the perfect venue to bring together compelling groups of people each week for thought-provoking conversations on politics, economics and culture,” said host Stephen K. Bannon. “I want ‘The Victory Sessions’ to be a more like a gathering, not a ‘show.’”

“Our motto is, ‘Understanding Unites Us, Ignorance Divides Us. Each week we will be bringing people together to talk, debate, educate and entertain,” added Bannon.

Click here to access the live broadcast.
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