Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 337

“Uplifting” Edition

Helen Sabin, at Tea Party Brewing:
“Uplifting, enervating, informative, educational and just plain enjoyable is the new movie, The Undefeated, that debuted this past Friday night to a sold out audience at the AMC theater in Highlands Ranch, Co. The Undefeated, the factual and highly informative story of Sarah Palin and her political rise to be a Vice Presidential candidate, is a documentary by Filmmaker Stephen K Bannon... Judging by chants of ‘Run, Sarah, Run’ and the tremendous applause coming from the enthusiastic audience at the end of the movie, it definitely is and will be an outstanding success. Don’t miss this great documentary – The Undefeated!”
Coty Dolores Miranda, at The Arizona Republic:
“Palin's supporters came from throughout the Valley and Arizona to see the area premiere of ‘The Undefeated’ Sarah Palin deocumentary, many wearing Palin for President 2012 shirts and buttons.”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“‘The Undefeated’ is already a success because as I write this – kicking and screaming the whole way – the MSM is already having the very last discussion about Sarah Palin they wanted to have. In fact, because of the film, they started having that conversation weeks before it played on a single commercial screen. Today, the MSM is talking, spinning, and outright lying about how a film with next to no advertising budget and only a few weeks to make it happen, managed to clear a very respectable per screen average its first week out. That’s a great thing, but whatever the grosses ending up being, the message is already out there.”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“Friedersdorf is among that classless class of so-called “conservatives” I call Underminers... offering themselves up as willing to be used by the Left as a sort of double agent in order to... garner love from left-wing MSM... And the quickest ticket in to The Club of False MSM Love? Throwing hate at Sarah Palin.”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“In ‘The Undefeated,’ Andrew Breitbart famously and perfectly labels a Republican establishment — that has for years refused to defend Palin against the most vile attacks, as ‘eunuchs.’ This refusal is mainly due to the fact that they want her destroyed. They’re all well aware of what she did to Alaska’s corrupt, fat, and lazy good ole’ boys’ club and for that reason a ‘President Palin’ terrifies them (and should). But what’s most troubling is how too many on our side mostly ignore these constant attacks on Governor Palin’s family — especially her children. This isn’t just unchivalrous, it’s an act of depraved indifference.”
Tommy Christopher, at left-leaning Mediaite:
“While the film’s reported $75,000 take doesn’t sound like much, its $7500 per-screen average was enough to place it second only to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2... by that metric.”
Wes Little, at CNN:
“The distributor of the Sarah Palin biopic ‘The Undefeated’ announced Tuesday that it would expand the film's run to more markets after a 10-city opening last weekend... The film's distributor, ARC Entertainment, said... The film's run will expand to theaters in Tucscon, Arizona; West Palm Beach, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Ontario, California... It will also expand into additional theaters in Atlanta and Phoenix, and it will continue in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Orlando, and in Orange, Colorado.”
M. Joseph Sheppard, at A Point Of View:
“CNN Interviews Joyous,Misty Eyed, Palin Movie Viewers Under Sold Out Sign”
Erick Erickson, at
“In fact, the Palin film is dazzling people by just how well a film of its type is doing with no traditional promotion. Even movies like The Passion of the Christ, which largely relied on alternative publicity mechanisms, still had a great deal of traditional promotion, studio support, and media buzz. ‘The Undefeated’ is different. In addition to being a political documentary, it is not backed by a studio, does not have major media buzz, and continues to sell out in showings around the country. More impressive, there are continued reports of people who didn’t care for Palin or had no opinion of her (the few that remain) who came out impressed with her in the movie.”
Jeff Labrecque, at Entertainment Weekly:
The Undefeated, the documentary film that highlights the amazing political journey of Sarah Palin, is expanding its release after a solid opening weekend at the box office.”
Jimmie Bise, at The Sundries Shack:
“At least Palin didn’t charge her political advertising to the American people the way Barack Obama and his Democratic buddies in Congress did. Who can forget the millions of dollars they spent on road signs to brag about the miles upon miles of ‘scarified pavement’ created by the Vote Buying Act Stimulus Bill? Why, just one of those signs cost us nearly as much as Palin’s entire bus.”
Kevin Derby, at Sunshine State News:
“A new poll from American Research Group released Monday shows that former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is leading the Republican presidential race in South Carolina... with 25 percent, with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has yet to declare if she is running, in second with 16 percent.”
Moneyrunner, at The Virginian :
“I am really amazed that her enemies both Right and Left continue to portray Palin as stupid when she’s actually exhibiting a high level of basic wisdom on economic and legislative issues... Palin would be the most formidable Republican opponent to Obama, no matter the hatred of the Left or the disdain of the Establishment Right. The fact the she has enemies on either side will make her even more attractive to the vast majority of the American people who give low marks to both the President and Congress. It helps to have the right enemies.”
sdsali, at
“I think the deep seething rage comes from understanding, as Bannon and Breitbart do, that Palin is an existential threat to the Establishment Elites... They are right to fear her. She does intend to make them publicly accountable. Thank God.”
Cindy Adams, at The NY Post's “Page Six”:
“SARAH specialists muttering they're leaning toward the fact that -- they feel -- she's leaning toward making the run. Any newscaster itchy to ask now what's she reading, the answer would be: The lady studies and does research 24/7... She does not rely on fuddy-duds who've worked the circuit since Thomas Jefferson. She does not trust staffers' stats and opinions. They proceed by rules. She moves by instinct. Makes her own decisions. Consults mostly with Todd. A man's man, the husband's no dim bulb. He's smart. Takes care of family and minute details... People say there exist only two humans who, instantly upon arrival, own a room. One's Bill Clinton. The other? Sarah Palin.”
Exit Quote: Mark Twain:
“To be good is noble, but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble.”
- JP

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