Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 332

“Getting Closer” Edition

Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“I firmly believe that she fully intends not only to throw her hat into the ring, but that she has a very innovative and strategically sound plan for winning the 2012 presidential election. By reiterating that she would not necessarily run if she saw the right person positioned to seize those reins, but that she did not see that person in the current group of contenders, this is the closest we have gotten so far to a firm statement that she intends to run, and intends to officially announce this quite shortly. While I titled this ‘Sarah Inches Closer,’ I actually feel she did quite a bit more than that... For the first time in the 2012 election season, I have every good confidence that we now not only have some light at the end of this tunnel. We truly have a rapidly rising, very brightly shining star.”
John Hitchcock, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“As soon as she announces, her campaign will be inundated with cash, with donations likely to crash her servers on the outset.”
Kevin Derby, at Sunshine State News:
“A poll unveiled this week from American Research Group shows that three Republican presidential candidates -- U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska -- are gaining serious momentum in Iowa, site of the first presidential caucus... Palin, who has not entered the race but has left the door open to running, took fourth with 11 percent. The rest of the field trailed in single digits... An Iowa poll taken by American Research Group back in April shows how much the race has changed since that time... Bachmann, Paul and Palin have moved up since the April poll... Palin took 4 percent in the April poll.”
Napp Nazworth, at The Christian Post:
“A new report by Gallup shows that... Sarah Palin has, by far, the highest level of name recognition.”
Danny Yadron, at WSJ's Washington Wire:
“U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) will hold a presidential candidate forum in South Carolina on Labor Day, Sept. 5. But it’s not for everyone. Mr. DeMint, a kingmaker in conservative politics, will extend invitations for ‘The Palmetto Freedom Forum’ to all presidential candidates who average 5% support in a Real Clear Politics’ average of polls. If the forum were held today, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.), Herman Cain, Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) and former Speaker Newt Gingrich would make the cut, but former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (4.5%), former Sen. Rick Santorum (3.3%)and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (2%) would not.”
Frank Newport, of Gallup, Inc.:
“Sarah Palin -- who has not yet announced whether she will run for president -- remains a formidable presence among Republicans nationwide. She is almost universally recognized, and her current Positive Intensity Score ties her with Mitt Romney, trailing only Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.”
Greta Van Susteren, at GretaWire:
“First, I have absolutely no inside track... but I am guessing Governor Sarah Palin is running for President in 2012. Basis for my guess? First, she has never said no. In fact, she told me... she has the “fire in her belly” interest in running... Second, we have not heard much from her since her bus tour which makes me suspicious that she is gearing up.. Third, as the days go on, some of the declared Republican candidates are having a few troubles... This must be tempting... Fourth, I read in the Des Moines Register that there are Palin volunteers – not from a Palin organization – all over the ground in Iowa. Fifth, there seems to be a media strategy... Sixth, she has already gone through the media digging into her life and past which discourages many politicians. Seventh, are there any signs she is not running other than that she is not physically in Iowa and has not declared a candidacy?”
Stewart Lawrence at The Daily Caller:
“If Palin runs, Perry probably won’t because of the enormous debt he owes her for helping rescue his re-election campaign last year.”
Ed Stevens, at Heartland Notebook:
“What she can do is lead … I have seen no one in the last 30 years who can take over a room simply by walking into it the way Governor Palin can. If you disregard Kennedy and Reagan you could extend that statement all the way back to FDR. And by the way... can you think of anyone who thought Ronald Reagan was an intellectual giant when he made his run? Me neither … and yet he did pretty well for the next eight years. Sarah has that undefinable quality that turns faces and minds to her like sunflowers seeking the rays of the sun … she is an existential force … she leads – she can’t help it – it’s who and what she is.”
Thomas Costello, at International Business Times:
“Although Sarah Plain has not officially declared that she will stand for the Republican nomination, the interview was no doubt her biggest hint yet that she will look to challenge President Obama for the Presidency.”
Andrew Malcolm, at the LAT's Top of the Ticket:
“You can forget about Sarah Palin as a Republican candidate, if you want to look silly by fall... There's a couple of little-noticed problems with any facile dismissal of Palin's possible 2012 candidacy: Media derision only feeds those who don't like her already. It actually strengthens Palin with a wide swath of overlooked Americans who don't trust mainstream institutions but do identify with the mother of five... In a recent Newsweek cover story Palin was quoted as saying she believes she could win a national campaign. But what does she know? She was just a former mayor who thought she could beat an incumbent Republican governor in Alaska who was part of a powerful, entrenched decades-old GOP machine. And look what happened there. So obviously Sarah Palin can't possibly run for president in 2012. Unless she does.”
Tina Korbe, at Hot air:
“Nothing better than when a politician brings it back to basics. And, I know, that’s what Palin is known for, but I thought she did it exceptionally well last night.”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“In the Wall Street Journal, film writer Andy Kaufman did a fairly straight-forward interview with ‘The Undefeated’ writer/director Steve Bannon. Fine. Good. Proper. Afterwards, though, Kaufman then took to his usual perch at indieWIRE to let his true feelings be known... I’m going to go ahead and call Andy Kaufman an elitist bigot. You see, the reason the arrival of a black face likely shocked him is probably due to the fact that he’s never bothered to attend a real Tea Party … or maybe Kaufman simply can’t bring himself to recognize Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Lloyd Marcus, Sonja Schmidt, Herman Cain, JC Watts, Alan Keyes, Michael Steele, Frances Rice, Jennifer Carroll, Allen West, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Tim Scott (need I go on…?) as ‘real black people’ due to their awful, sell-out, Uncle Tomming Republican-ness. Maybe if Mr. Kaufman would take a cue from Ms. Johnson and start to think for himself, he wouldn’t find the onscreen arrival of a black face in support of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party so gosh-darned ‘shocking.’ Obviously, all Kaufman saw in Ms. Johnson was the color of her skin, which betrays something about him, no?”
Paul Stanley, at The Christian Post:
“Palin embarked on an early summer bus tour that included many historical sites but no announcement. The former governor will most likely be making more stops throughout the country when ‘The Undefeated,’ a conservative film is released in select cities on July 15 and nationwide the following week.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Liberty's Lamp:
“If we are willing to take the risk to go with a leader who is gutsy enough to take the system apart, renew and restore it, we can win. If we are willing to fight, our future is bright. Sarah Palin is that leader. The new movie, The Undefeated explains why... Go take people who are not yet convinced about Sarah Palin to The Undefeated this Friday. Go online and look up where it’s showing and where you can get tickets. It’s imperative that we convince Americans why Sarah Palin is our next great one and why it’s so important for her to lead us as our president. This is not a fan club. We’re not campaigning for Sarah Palin because she looks good in a jogging suit on the cover of Newsweek. We’re campaigning for Sarah Palin because our country’s life is on the line. This election is do or die. While there are other good strong conservative candidates out there, Sarah Palin is our best and greatest hope.”
Exit Quote: Ronald Reagan:
“We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.”
- JP

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