Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gov. Palin's enemies further motivate her troops to fight for her

Let's make a Democrat Party hack eat some crow!
Not that most Sarah Palin supporters need further motivation to fight for her, but check out this excerpt from a Phoenix television station's news story:
Andrei Cherny, Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, predicts a low turnout for the movie.

"I think 'The Undefeated' fits as a title until she tries running for President," said Cherny. "Most people in Arizona are looking for someone more in the mainstream than where Sarah Palin is."

"I think for folks who are moderates who are in the mainstream, Sarah Palin has no appeal," said Cherny. "It's great she's on Fox and has TV shows and movies, but I think people want a serious leader."
I don't how many of you have ever participated in competitive sports, but if you have, this will be familiar to you. There's a true story which has been repeated many times in high school, college and professional athletics. It goes like this... In the run up to a big game, the coach or a player from one team talks trash about the opposing team. The coach of the opposing team clips the article containing the quote and puts it on his team's bulletin board and makes sure that every one of his players takes the time to read it. This fires up each player and motivates his team to make an "above and beyond" effort, and they go on win the game.

We believe the above quote by the AZ Democrat party chair is just one such motivator. As of this posting, there are just about 24 hours to go before the curtain goes up on "The Undefeated" in 10 cities. This is a critical time, not only for the Victory Film Group, but by extension for Gov. Palin as well. If the film does not have a big turnout for the premiere tomorrow, we will hear nothing else from the lamestream media and Palin-hating leftist websites for weeks on end.

Let's serve up a big, steaming platter of crow for that Democrat Party hack in Arizona and watch him try to digest his own spiteful rhetoric. In every way we can think of, let's motivate every Palin supporter we know to buy tickets and show up to see this film tomorrow, because crunch time is now literally upon us. A list of the 10 theaters where "The Undefeated" will have its world premiere, plus links for purchasing tickets, is here. Have you bought your tickets yet?

- JP

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