Saturday, July 16, 2011

Star-Telegram: Palin fans turn out in Grapevine for 'The Undefeated'

"One fan brought a wagon adorned with the sign 'Texas is Palin Country' on it"
The premiere of Stephen Bannon's Sarah Palin documentary drew excited conservatives from all over northeast Texas to the AMC Grapevine Mills 30 Theater Friday evening, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Aman Batheja.
"The Undefeated," a favorable documentary on Sarah Palin began playing at 10 theaters around the country Friday. The Grapevine theater is the only one showing the film in North Texas. At least one of the scheduled viewings Friday night sold out.

A small group of supporters braved the early evening heat to gather outside the ticket line to show support for the film. One fan brought a wagon adorned with the sign "Texas is Palin Country" on it and filled with postcards touting the former vice-presidential candidate's views and accomplishments.

Natalie Nichols of Texarkana, a member of Team Sarah, saw the film at a sneak preview last week but was excited to see it again on its opening night. Like several others there, she said she was hopeful the documentary would help spread the word about "all that Palin accomplished" while governor that the mainstream media ignored in 2008.

That were not "fans," journalist-type person. Those be Palin supporters.

- JP

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