Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 331

“Fear” Edition

AWR Hawkins, at Big Government:
“Remember how the MSM went crazy because she wouldn’t tell them where she was going to be stopping for dinner or what hotel she was going to stay in or what National Monument she was going see next on her bus tour? They threw a tantrum and accused of her everything they could think of... The good news is that in carrying out these obnoxious attacks, they are showing us what they fear... They fear Palin and Limbaugh because both the former Gov. and the king of talk radio have something the MSM, the Republican establishment, and the Democrat leadership cannot seem to obtain: and that ‘something’ is the support of the people... Therefore, when Chuck Todd took time out of his meaningless commentary on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’ to tell viewers that neither Palin nor Limbaugh could secure the nomination for the presidency if they sought it, I knew the fear was at an all time high.”
Jeannie DeAngelis, at Big Government:
“After Tucson, when it came time to assign blame for what amounted to an attempted political assassination... the media all but laid the responsibility for Jared Lee Loughner shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) in the head at Palin’s feet.”
Rebel Pundit, at Big Government:
“In June we attended the Printer’s Row Literature Festival in Chicago... We presented a board with a selection of well known book covers and asked visitors of the event if they could choose to ban any of the books on the board, which if any, they would in fact ban. They were allowed to choose any three of the eleven choices. The authors of the books we offered to ban were Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, Ayn Rand, Michael Savage, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. While there were in fact less than two handfuls of individuals who did tell us they don’t think any books should be banned, unfortunately there were a shocking amount of guests at this book fair who were quite open to the idea, and in fact lined up quite excited for the opportunity to voice their opinion. Participants overwhelming chose Sarah Palin who received 53 votes putting her at 36% overall, Glenn Beck at 23% and Ann Coulter at 22%.”
Tony Katz, at the PJ Tatler:
“Yet this unscientific study shows, again, that those who claim to be the most open-minded rarely are.”
David French, at NRO's The Corner
“One of the most disgusting political spectacles of my lifetime has been the single-minded effort of the Left to destroy Sarah Palin. Without burdening the readers with a litany of links, we all remember the ‘not a real woman’ comments, the stalking author/neighbor, the hacking scandal, the recent (enthusiastic) fishing expedition through thousands of e-mails, and the vile insults from academics, politicians, and celebrities alike. The goal: to banish her to the fringe of American life, to turn her into a figure of mockery and contempt. Now, apparently, the Left has decided it’s Michele Bachmann’s turn...”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“Bill Maher can't go an hour without saying something disgusting about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“Martin Bashir Monday falsely accused former Alaska governor Sarah Palin of calling President Obama a sugar daddy. Not only did the MSNBC host badly misinterpret Palin's words, he clearly doesn't understand what a sugar daddy is... Palin wasn't referring to Obama at all... Palin was calling ‘hard working taxpayers’ that have been footing the bill for others the sugar daddy - NOT Obama. It appears the British native not only has difficulty with American slang, he's also got quite a problem with reading comprehension. You can see why he fits in so well at MSNBC.”
Tim Graham, at NewsBusters:
“On MSNBC’s The Last Word on Monday, host Lawrence O’Donnell suggested Newsweek magazine... [is] allegedly making corrupt deals with Sarah Palin... O'Donnell never has a problem when Newsweek is offering its long, adoring profiles to Barack or Michelle Obama.”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“On The Last Word yesterday, O’Donnell railed at Newsweek for its supposed puffery of Palin, taking over six minutes of the broadcast to accuse reporter Peter Boyer of writing ‘a love letter’ to the former governor of Alaska... I don’t think Boyer sold out as much as he and Newsweek gave their cover subject a chance to present her case. Given MSNBC’s huge tilt to the Left — to the point where Joe Scarborough has to defend his show’s treatment of Obama by noting that Democrats have a 10:1 advantage on Morning Joe — O’Donnell’s hysterical reaction is, well, hysterical.”
Rob Port, at Say Anything:
“The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart thinks one obstacle to Palin becoming president is the way she dresses... Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that media folks such as Capehart, who hyperventilated over Obama’s…oneness….during the 2008 campaign would be so obsessed with image, but I am. Capehart should be embarrassed.”
Elizabeth Scalia , at First Things:
“Let me begin... with a disclaimer: I am not a big fan of Sarah Palin.... I must make the disclaimer is to head-off those who truly do hate Palin and try to disguise their hate in concerns over how she dresses. These are the people who dismiss any defense of her as mindless wingnuttery. Actually, disclaimer or no, anyone who defends Palin on any front—even against ludicrous charges that she is responsible for an assassination attempt by a seriously ill man—is instantly dismissed as a rightwing hack, such is the state of 21st Century anything-but-open-minded ‘liberalism,’ which is a far cry from the liberalism to which I was raised.”
VoterMom, at The Crawdad Hole:
“One would think that someone on the receiving end of stuff like this would know better than to engage in sexist sneering, but sadly, it appears that Capehart has internalized the patriarchal bigotry of his bullies.”
Emily Shur, at My Four Eyed Fantasy:
“I am at Sarah Palin’s house in Wasilla, Alaska photographing her by myself, she’s by herself, and we’re talking about our dogs and the fact that we have the same cell phone and Alaskan wildflowers and where she grew up and all sorts of run of the mill stuff... As much as I disagree with Sarah Palin’s political views, I would be remiss not to mention that she was friendly, personable, easy to photograph, and comfortable in front of the camera (bonus). She was agreeable to everything I asked of her (double bonus), and she didn’t rush me or make me feel as though she couldn’t wait for the shoot to be over (much appreciated). I’ve been reading internet chatter all day about this photo shoot, and ultimately, my job is not to take a stance on her personally or politically through my photographs. I was hoping to take pictures of Sarah that hadn’t been taken before, and I was hoping that they would be good. What defines good is clearly subjective, but what I can say now that all is said and done is that I am happy with this shoot.”
Sheya, at The Daily Caller:
“Why everyone should see ‘The Undefeated’...”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“The impact of Steve Bannon’s feature-length documentary that tells the story of Governor Sarah Palin the MSM intentionally and ruthlessly covered up has already been felt. For the first time in three years the MSM is talking about Palin’s record — her record as a successful and dynamic Chief Executive of Alaska who worked closely with both Republicans and Democrats, took on her own party, and beat Big Oil at their own game... Should the Governor choose to run for president in 2012, the urgency of “The Undefeated” will be profound. Regardless, anyone interested in a closing argument that proves just how biased and corrupt the mainstream media is, needs to give the film a look, as well.”
Exit Quote: Frank Herbert, from Dune:
“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear... And when it is gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear is gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
- JP

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