Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 343

“Your Saving Grace” Edition

Mark America:
“The effect Sarah Palin has had on America’s young women has been amazing... Fierce determination in the face of crushing media mockery that has adopted a decidedly sexist tinge offers up yet another example of both grace and strength under fire. The passion in her approach is particularly appealing to young women, who see a forceful leader unencumbered by earlier stereotypes about strong women. This bodes well for the future of our country, and it is in this way particularly that a President Sarah Palin is likely to have an enduring cultural effect on the nation. With her as an example, the nation could hardly fare better, and the effect will be immediate. In certain respects, it already has been... The coming campaign season promises new and exciting possibilities, but for young women, like my daughter, who have been taught that their sex is no limitation upon their futures, with the prospect of Sarah Palin’s entry into the race, this election may well offer the final proof of that thesis to the enduring delight of millions of young women and girls both here at home, and around the world.”
“The mainstream media, joined at the hip with the ‘historic’ Obama campaign, went to great lengths in their complicity to mock and discredit Sarah Palin. The Palinization continues to this day.”
Disraeli's Pen, at An American Tory:
“The truth is that film critics do not matter in the grand scheme of the media’s dispensation of information. They are an afterthought on the printed page or on the web, and they know this, and it burns them up. That is why they go out of their way to try and position themselves as defenders of high art and intellectualism. In the end, though, it is pretty obvious that they are as empty as a discarded beer bottle, meaningless and superfluous. Standing on their self-constructed mountains they attempt to relate to us what we should like or what we should dislike. They attempt to make our own decisions for us and, as often is the case, they allow their own liberal political leanings to shadow this generosity. That is why they savage Sarah Palin’s recent film ‘The Undefeated’ and proclaim it a bomb even though it is only a documentary appearing in a handful of theaters. If you read their overwhelmingly negative reviews, they level personal attack after personal attack, engaging in the most juvenile name-calling imaginable to attempt and destroy the film, but, it isn't anything new to Sarah Palin. I'm sure she isn't losing any sleep over the opinion of a swarm of intellectual Lilliputians.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“‘The Undefeated’ is not about Sarah Palin…it is about YOU...”
Jasmine Velasco, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Some have wrongly assumed ‘The Undefeated’ refers only to Sarah Palin. What they miss—or ignore—is that ‘the undefeated’ is not simply singular. It is plural. The undefeated are those who don’t quit, those who refuse to stop fighting the corrupt, entrenched, cronyism of business and politics for the benefit of We The People. Yes, the undefeated is Sarah Palin. But the undefeated are also the Marty Rutherfords, the Tom Irwins of the world. The Undefeated are the people of all races, generations and political parties who long and fight for decency and honor in their government and lives. Ultimately, the undefeated are the people of The Tea Party.”
Stephen Bannon, Director of “The Undefeated”:
“The more they mock Gov. Palin like that, the more they play into my hand.”
Jeanette Pryor, at Lipstick 2012:
“Boehner might have hypnotized Conservatives with Washington political hieroglyphics, but Sarah reminded the walking dead that they had only recently been elected for this night, and not so they could follow the decaying spectre of Politics as Usual. No other voice could be heard at that crucial turning point, at least no voice from those running for President. It is said that Sarah can’t be elected President because the Republican Leadership hates and won’t work with her. Once again Sarah’s intervention is the spoiler revealing that, when we all wake up from the current GOP ‘Leadership’ Creature Feature nightmare, we won’t have to worry about them working with Sarah. We now know how the sequel to ‘Boehner the Mummified Speaker’ ends. Primary Elections.”
Gate, at NorCal Blogs:
“Basically the leftists at the Times, are marveling over the way Sarah Palin continues to go around them and thus effect national policy with a simple note on a web site that Zuckerberg was hoping he could use to get Obama reelected.”
drdog09, at Be John Galt:
“He’s Toast! No President but FDR has endured a second term with unemployment numbers this high... No expected drop in unemployment and an anemic 3.25% GDP. That is what GS says. So far they have been wrong on every projection they have made the last two years. So the GDP will probably be lower and the unemployment mostly unchanged. The number unemployed will inch up and not a drop of the chronic unemployed who are not on the radar have been touched. But they have not lost their vote. Anyone who thinks that Palin could not win in this type of environment is out of their minds.”
International Business Times:
“But now, some new light has been shed on the topic, and it may be in favor of Palin's viewpoint.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“What is this American economy that's being held hostage? Isn't it us? It's our money. It's not Mr. Obama's money, Mr. Yeomans! The liberals do not own the wealth of this country. It's not theirs to distribute and redistribute. ‘Rather than reject the unthinkable, the Tea Party harnessed this potential harm as its weapon of mass destruction.’ Weapon of mass destruction. So, folks, they are cracking up. The left is cracking up, and it's the Tea Party doing it to them. We are now all Sarah Palin. As far as they're concerned, we are all Sarah Palin. They are scared to death of Sarah Palin. They are scared to death here of the Tea Party people, because the Tea Party in the House can't be bought and is not concerned about re-election. They're not playing the usual game.”
Don Keayes:
“Get through the Left-leaning media’s overtly partisan reporting of her and Sarah Palin has some very interesting things to say... Now I get that she’s going to run in the 2012 Presidential elections, but political posturing aside, she makes some very good points about the Left’s approach to economic management...”
Kevin Hall, at The Iowa Republican:
“Although they claim to have no inside information, the volunteers that comprise Iowa’s Organize 4 Palin group are convinced the former Alaska Governor is running for President. They also believe it is very likely she will announce her candidacy at a Tea Party event near Des Moines on September 3rd... Sarah Palin already has a very solid campaign structure in place in Iowa... Despite the lack of funding, the Organize 4 Palin Iowa team is running a very well organized campaign. Representatives from the group have personally met with every county GOP chair in Iowa. They have a strong presence at central committee meetings, GOP fundraisers, and events like last weekend’s 2nd Amendment rally. In fact, the Palin group has a stronger presence than some of the fully staffed operations.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“What parallel universe do these people live in?”
AWR Hawkins, at Big Hollywood:
“Recently, on Piers Morgan’s show, comedian George Lopez said that if Sarah Palin wins the Presidency he’s going to move to Canada (I immediately made a donation to Palin’s PAC). Lopez said his elitist attitude views on Palin were due to the fact that he likes his ‘politicians to actually have a political background.’ What a crock. This guy campaigned for Obama in Detroit in 2008, yet the majority of Obama’s political background consisted in community organizing under the auspices of a Weatherman terrorist named William Ayers. But that’s all common knowledge. Anyway, back to Lopez’s claim that he likes his ‘politicians to actually have a political background.’ Does he not know that Palin was Governor of Alaska? I’m being serious folks... Let me just say this: If Palin winning will get Lopez out of the country I’m getting a Palin 2012 sticker tonight. And if Lopez actually follows through with leaving once she’s elected – which is something Baldwin and Roberts lacked the courage to do once Bush won – I’ll drive him to Canada on my dime.
I would consider it a service to my country.”
Exit Quote: José Martí, martyr of Cuban Independence:
“But when women are moved and lend help, when women, who are by nature calm and controlled, give encouragement and applause, when virtuous and knowledgeable women grace the endeavor with their sweet love, then it is invincible.”
- JP

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