Friday, July 22, 2011

NJ for Palin: Gearing Up for Palin 2012

"Make no mistake: Sarah Palin is running."
Our friend and colleague Bill Hughes at New Jersey for Sarah Palin has no doubts:
She's not running yet. And if you listen to the "experts" in the mainstream media, you'd have to conclude that she's not going to be running. After all, she's "best friends" with Michele Bachmann and preparing to endorse Rick Perry (unless she runs merely to "run interference" for his candidacy like a loyal soldier.) She's just promoting herself, blah blah blah.

Yet any other Republican candidate mentions the word "president" in a public pronouncement and vast throngs of media talking heads begin placing them at the top of the list of nominees with 100% certainty of their getting into the race.

Make no mistake: Sarah Palin is running.


Given the opportunity to directly halt organizing being done on her behalf while she was in Pella, Iowa for the premiere of her film, Governor Palin instead thanked people for their hard work and talked about how much it meant to her.

While operating independently of Governor Palin or SarahPAC, the Organize 4 Palin higher-ups have had personal contact with Palin in the past. Palin has a very personal and special relationship with her army of grizzlies scouring the nation for additional resources, connections and venues with which to promote her candidacy. She knows exactly how much work is being done on her behalf--and how much is being sacrificed on the part of those folks who are doing it. Everything about Sarah Palin's character indicates that if a presidential run was not going to happen, her troops on the ground would have been told long before.
Read Bill's full post at NJ for Palin.

- JP

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