Friday, July 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 333

“Courage” Edition

Jamie Radtke, at Jamie Radtke for Senate:
Undefeated will change your opinion of Sarah Palin, because she possesses the rarest trait in politics today: Courage. Sarah Palin is a woman of conviction and integrity who stands up to the good ‘ole boys of her own party (who believe constitutional principles are a detail to be discarded whenever a poll fluctuates) and demands the political games stop. She speaks with candor and acts with boldness. We Americans hunger for an end to the era of narcissistic politicians. We’ve had enough of politicians who say, ‘Well, I know we can’t go on spending like this, but if I vote for those cuts I may not be reelected, so eat your peas!’ If we had more rogue politicians like Sarah Palin and a few less disciples of Washington ‘politics-as-usual,’ we’d be working our way out of the Great Recession rather than sinking deeper in it. We’d actually have a chance to return to a constitutionally limited government. Make sure you head out to see the movie this weekend.”
Adrienne Ross , at MotivationTruth:
“We have been anticipating the release of The Undefeated for some time now... Today, it opens in ten cities. The lightswitch has been flipped, and the script is about to do the same. As if they know their end is near, the roaches have already begun to scurry.”
Brett Lang, at Reuters:
The Undefeated... has already sold out a show in Grapevine, Texas... In addition to Grapevine, the documentary by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon will expand to Indianapolis, Ind.; Independence, Mo.; Kennesaw, Ga.; Houston, Texas; Orlando, Fla.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Phoenix, Ariz.; and Orange, Calif... The Undefeated, which charts Palin's early years and rise to prominence after John McCain tapped her to be his running mate in 2008, premiered in the small town of Pella, Iowa on June 28. Its debut in the key early primary state inspired speculation that Palin might use the premiere of The Undefeated to kick off a White House run.”
Ian Lazaran, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“If you were planning on checking out The Undefeated at 7:15 pm [Friday] night at AMC Highlands Ranch 24 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado near Denver, you’ll have to catch the movie at another time, as the prime time showing is sold-out.”
Tony Lee, at Human Events:
“America has been shaped by those who have defiantly stared down failure and tried again. In a sense, that is what The Undefeated seeks to convey, and it is that state of mind that can potentially propel Palin to the nomination and beyond. The Undefeated is Southern in the sense that it captures the essence of a proudly defiant spirit. And Palin can claim that mantle more than anyone in the race. The Undefeated is also an exurban, frontier state of mind. Americans go to the exurbs and the frontier to start anew and to reinvent themselves, often after failing. In many cases, the failures have been exacerbated by liberal government policies. In the end, the defiant optimism in the face of the failure, which The Undefeated is about, is really the story of America. In a sense, America is the ‘do-over’ country. And that is the message that The Undefeated delivers, which non-Palinistas, liberals, independents, and conservatives can all embrace. If Palin can convince Americans that she personifies the American ‘can do-over’ spirit, she can not only win the nomination, she can defeat Barack Obama.”
LibertyBelle, at Revolutionary Media:
“I only wish it was opening today somewhere near me, but if the film opens to full audiences this weekend, it will be played in other theaters across the United States. If you haven’t already, visit The Undefeated website to vote on getting it shown in your area.”
William Collier, at Freedomist:
“Did Conor Friedersdorf from The Atlantic arrange to have a secret showing of The Palin Movie, The Undefeated just so he could say ‘the theater was empty?’ Orange California seems to have jumped the gun on The Undefeated movie, which debuts today in 10 cities in the US, with a special midnight showing for a a reporter from The Atlantic. Conor Friedersdorf wrote breathlessly about an ‘empty theater’ for a ‘debut.’ The progressive journolist may have been told about such a showing but we know that nobody knew anything about it. How did we know? Our company, Kross Publishing, has been engaged in online marketing support and mobilizing a group of on the ground Hosts and virtual Ambassadors, and there has never been any mention of or advertising for any midnight showing. The open question is: how did this reporter, Conor Friedersdorf, KNOW about this totally un-advertised showing that our company, which is working on marketing for the film, did not know about?
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“The Atlantic... must have been truly desperate to find a false flag conservative and alleged pundit. Given that the Atlantic also has a negative review of The Undefeated up by a Robert Levin at the same time, I'm assuming at least Conor with one N appears to have had a date for the evening.”
Marlow Stern, at The Daily Beast:
“When asked about the 2012 presidential election, Bannon said he believes that Bachmann and Palin can coexist as ‘two totally different candidates’ — before hinting that he himself has something special in store: ‘I’ve got something that I’m working on that I think is going to be even more controversial than this film,’ he said. ‘If everything goes according to plan, I intend to drop this exactly 30 days before the Iowa caucus. It’s definitely timed for 2012.’ He pauses, before adding, ‘There are forces brewing right beneath the surface, that I try to show in these films, that are going to have a tectonic plate shift in the culture of American politics. I think the paradigm is shifting, and it’s going to shift dramatically.’”
Jim Galloway, at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
“On Friday, metro Atlanta will be one of 10 spots in the country that will see the debut of The Undefeated, the glowing documentary of Sarah Palin. The Palin movie will have an exclusive seven-day run at the AMC Barrett Commons theater complex off Barrett Parkway in Cobb County.”
Ben Smith, at his Politico blog:
“Bruce Nash, an entertainment industry analyst who runs the site, emails that his box office model predicts a $4 million dollar box office draw for the Sarah Palin film, The Undefeated. Nash emails: ‘Our model predictions total box office around $4 million. The highest-earning conservative-targeted films are Expelled and An American Carol, both of which made about $7 million. But they took a more traditional approach to distribution. A better comparison might be Atlas Shrugged, which took a similar marketing approach to Undefeated (e.g., more directly to their target audience, more focused on high-profile national media interest and less on local promotion), and earned $4.7 million in theaters.’”
The Constitutional Patriots:
The Undefeated – A must see!”
Thomas Costello, at International Business Times:
“Sarah Palin is a formidable force within the Republican Party. Her power base within the party is huge, commanding power from the Tea Party movement, the right of the party as well as the middle ground conservatives. There is no doubt that Sarah Palin has the greatest chance of challenging President Barack Obama in the national election... The Sarah Palin emails showed that she may not be the liability that the Republicans thought she was two years ago. The former governor of Alaska proved that she had no skeletons in her closet and she was simply a governor hard at work. The Republican Party needs Sarah Palin more than she needs them and she stands the greatest chance of taking them to the White House.”
Andrew Malcom, at the LAT's Top of the Ticket:
“Sarah Palin, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are surging in Iowa, according to a recent American Research Group poll of Republican voters... But Palin's results were impressive. In April a similar poll found her receiving only 4%, but now a similar group of Iowans put her in fourth place in the most recent results with 11%. Not bad for someone who hasn't even officially tossed her hat into the ring.”
Kevin Derby, at Sunshine State News:
“In New Hampshire, a new poll shows that U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska are showing momentum. But U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas -- doing well in Iowa -- is struggling in the Granite State... The new poll from American Research Group has Romney leading the field in New Hampshire with 29 percent. Bachmann places second with 12 percent while former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who appears unlikely to run but has left the door open to another presidential campaign, takes third with 9 percent. Palin, who has also not officially jumped in the race, is in fourth with 8 percent. Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia takes fifth with 7 percent. The rest of the field lags behind, taking 5 percent or less... Just like their Iowa polls, the American Research Group surveys of New Hampshire showed both Bachmann and Palin on the rise. Palin took 2 percent in the April poll and she took 8 percent in the July one.”
Exit Quote: Winston Churchill :
“Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”
- JP

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