Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rumor of the Year? (Updated)

We just saw this on Twitter:
BREAKING: Bob and Mark will do Live show from Iowa Labor Day weekend...It only means one thing. The stars are aligning for #Palin
As most of you know, Gov. Palin promised the two Anchorage radio morning guys that if and when she announced a run for president, they would be the first to learn of it.

We checked the Bob & Mark page on the KWHL website, and there was no mention of what would be one heck of a remote broadcast. So for now, at least, it's just a rumor. There are also other possibilities, among them one to be wary of. Bob & Mark have been known to stage a hoax/promotional stunt before about Gov. Palin supposedly announcing, so keep a few grains of salt handy. Still...

Update: Bob and Mark shoot down the rumor. And another one one bites the dust...

- JP

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