Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Attn witch hunters: Alaska releases additional Palin emails

There they go again...
Just when the lamestream media's leg tingles had subsided, the state of Alaska Wednesday made public an additional 54 pages of emails from Sarah Palin's first month as governor. Linda Perez, administrative director for Governor Sean Parnell office, said the emails were omitted from the first batch of messages documenting then Gov. Palin's first 21 months in office:
News organizations and individuals requested emails from Palin's time as governor in September 2008, shortly after she became the Republican vice presidential nominee. When most of the emails came out last month, only a few were from December 2006, Palin's first month as governor.

The records released Wednesday were heavily redacted and mostly sent to Palin by aides. A relative handful came from Palin herself.


The state claimed executive or deliberative process in making the redactions. Wednesday's email release was done electronically; Perez said the state is working on a new system. The emails released last month were in paper form and filled six boxes.

Perez said the state is making sure that all emails that should have been released have been. If more are found, she said they'll be released with emails from the final 10 months of Palin's term — a period covering October 2008 through July 2009. Requests for those emails were made subsequent to the initial request in September 2008.

No timetable for the release of the additional emails was given, though Attorney General John J. Burns has said it won't take as long.

You know they're hoping that "this time" they'll find their unholy grail.

- JP

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