Friday, February 4, 2011

NY Times tries to set up Sarah Palin

Just like a bowling pin
The left wing media never gives up. Their latest Wyle E. Coyote tactic in the Democrat/Media Complex war on Gov. Palin is transparent in a post by Michael D. Shear on the paper's The Caucus blog. Titled "Could Palin Use Speech to End Silence on Egypt?", the gist of the piece is that Mr. Shear wants the governor to address the situation in Egypt in her speech tonight at the Reagan 100 opening banquet:
It’s possible that Ms. Palin could use the opportunity to deliver a broadly conceived foreign policy speech that uses the turmoil in Egypt to advance an understanding of her national security beliefs that goes beyond her use of Twitter messages and Facebook posts.


How would she handle Egypt? Would she have sided more quickly with the protectors demanding freedom from oppression? Or would she, as some of her conservative rivals said they would have, been wary of an Islamist regime taking over in Egypt once its president, Hosni Mubarak, departs?

So far, Ms. Palin has been mum. She has not sent out a Twitter message about Egypt. She has not posted her thoughts on her Facebook page. There have been no slickly-produced videos distributed through the Internet on the subject.

Mr. Shear is literally trying to goad Gov. Palin into talking about Egypt tonight. The more about Egypt she might say, the more he and his state controlled media comrades would like it. Why? Because if things in Egypt go downhill -- that is, even more downhill than they already are -- after tonight, guess who they will blame? Imagine Gov. Palin devoting a considerable portion of her speech to Egypt tonight, and imagine that next week the violence escalates for any reason, culminating in several hundred deaths. They will blame her for it in a New York Times minute.

Sound far fetched? Think we're just paranoid? Consider this: All she did was mark some congressional districts on a map as part of a campaign promotion in which she was supporting the Republican challengers against Democrat incumbents. The left used it to blame her for the completely unrelated deaths and injuries to some people in Tuscon Arizona months later. The moonbat leftist blogs are still blaming her. Now do you doubt, even for a minute, that they would also blame her for, God forbid, any deaths that might occur in Egypt if she had said anything in public about the situation there beforehand? You betcha they would!

But the Mama Grizzly is smarter than the average bear, and she won't fall for it. Besides, she's speaking at an event to honor Ronald Reagan, and that will be the focus of the address she will deliver in just a few hours. Nice try, Mr. Shear Coyote.

- JP

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  1. Heres a spin. Replace Obama with the word Palin.

    Obama is goading the protestors into violence, because they can get what they want by the more violence they commit