Friday, February 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 210

"Eye of the Tiger Mom" Edition

Anna Z:
"Palin has been attemptively corralled into a pen of shame and defeat, beaten relentlessly by a media whose hopes lie in her disappearing. Anyone else would have been intimidated and cowed by their sneers and harsh treatment. Silenced. But that's not what happened. Thankfully. Because Sarah Palin isn't just a pitbull, or a mama grizzly, she'a a Tiger Mom. And, frankly, I think we could use one just about now... I don't want politicians that think that we need them. I prefer a leader that knows that we don't... I remember a while back the president was looking for an 'a__ to kick'. I know... the jokes write themselves. But the butt to be kicked is none other than our own. And if we don't do it, there are a bunch of folks just lining up to do it for us. I'd rather it be Sarah Palin snapping us out of our slumber than the rest of them."
"I think Protecting the American Dream would be the perfect campaign slogan for Sarah Palin... When there are so many people losing homes and jobs I think the American Dream needs protecting."
Jerry Fuhrman at From On High:
"Palin 1
MSNBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Reuters, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, NBC, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Boston Globe, Slate, Salon, PBS, CBS News, Huffington Post, Arizona Republic, NPR, New York Daily News, Daily Kos, The New Yorker, Village Voice, Talking Points Memo, The Nation, Move on, Newsweek, Washington Monthly, New Republic 0"
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"Why They’d Rather Talk About Sarah Palin And Glenn Beck (Cont’d): Gallup: January Unemployment Rises to 9.8%."
Into The Morning:
"Sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of people who insist that Sarah Palin is stupid, mostly because she doesn't take fifty words to get a point across when it only takes two, i.e.'death panels'. I wonder at the fear that she will win the Republican nomination for President, instead of their handpicked choice, so much so, that they will do their own part to destroy her."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"Honestly, I don't know why every year everyone makes such a fuss about Palin skipping CPAC. When you think about it, CPAC doesn't offer Palin anything she doesn't already have."
Howard Towt at Anti-Republican Culture:
"Sarah Palin has acquired political power, and our culture is hell-bent to destroy that power. It is being done with extreme imagery and false accusations... Of the individuals arrayed against Mrs. Palin, most would say they simply have an intense dislike of her. That characterization can be examined in the context of the anonymous comments and death threats Mrs. Palin receives. Those messages don’t convey 'dislike.' They convey raw hatred. What to make of all of this? Our culture partakes in savage indecency directed at one human being in America. And that’s ok. She’s a Republican."
Jim Geraghty at NRO's Campaign Spot:
"We’re to believe Palin going to CPAC would be risky? Heck, she deals with bigger risks when she goes fishing near bears."
Spag at The Spag Report:
"I suppose it's a good thing that Sarah Palin didn't make the same mistake as Michelle Obama because she would immediately be attacked and labeled a moron by certain bitter Leftists. Mrs. Obama claimed that Charlotte was known for its 'great barbecue'. That's just not true. In fact, Charlotte is probably the least 'barbecue-ized' city in North Carolina..."
Rick at Wizbang:
"Michael Reagan can now add most of the rest of the country to the list of people Ron Reagan Jr. is an embarrassment to."
Tina at Pecan Corner:
"When faced with embryos some in the world would define as 'inconvenient', Sarah's actions said here's a reality that love will make good. And she not only followed her heart: she followed her beliefs. That's healthy. That's pragmatism. That's transformative. That's normal. And that's one reason that Sarah Palin is a Great American."
Taegan Goddard at Political Wire:
"The Palin brand has become so valuable that Sarah Palin and her daughter are trademarking their names."
"Through rabid vitrol and death threats against Sarah and her family, the left hopes to silence her. Well guess what? She will not be silenced! Good for her! The woman has an iron constitution and nerves of steel to go with it! More likely, she is well connected through prayer to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... Sarah isn't using God - He is using her, instead. That is truly what the rabid leftist thugs and venom-spewing commentators can never take away from Sarah and her family!"
Right Mind:
"Rachel Maddow Reports Palin Invasion Spoof as Fact... What’s the public to do when MSNBC becomes more like The Onion than an actual media source?"
No More Cinops at Cinops Be Gone:
"Sarah Palin deserves a badge of honor not only from Tea Party members but from all ordinary folks. The deliberate arrows of smears and vicious attacks by leftist elements of the news media are historically unprecedented. They hate and fear the Tea Party members and are letting out their anger on Sarah Palin. It is personal. They also hate you for voting out many of their political clones in 2010."
- JP

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