Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 213

"Honor Thy Father" Edition

William J. Kelly at Big Journalism:
"It is a sorry state of affairs when your own son would allow your legacy to be misstated and abused for political purposes... Ron Jr. apparently sees no problem in helping to enable the MSM in its 2012 strategy to recast what it means to be a conservative – his father’s true legacy. This week, we witnessed more comedy masquerading as journalism and Ron Jr. aided and abetted the effort to undermine and misstate his father’s belief system, a belief system that was in full public view for eight crystallizing years... Ronnie, would your dad have approved of the MSM’s reckless and hateful attempts to link the murderous, crazed actions of an Arizona madman to Sarah Palin, Fox News, and the tea party movement? Would he have approved the Democrats’ false linkages that have increased death threats against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? The answer is no... Today’s political leaders still have much to learn from Reagan. Apparently, so does his son."
Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man:
"Note Ron Reagan's complete divergence from the topic under discussion... he instinctively smeared her in terms that ignored the nature of the event or her words there, and dismissed her as a 'serious candidate for president'."
Aaron Goldstein at IC Blog:
"I have just read Mike Lupica's snarky column in the New York Daily News with regard to Sarah Palin's statements on the political situation in Egypt... Palin would like to hope that Egypt will be a better place than it is now, but she cannot be certain it will turn out that way. Now there are certainly demonstrators who want a liberal, secular democracy in Egypt. But when you consider that the demonstrators are more apt to hold signs of Mubarak with a Star of David drawn on his forehead than build a replica of the Statue of Liberty, it ought to make the Mike Lupicas of the world pause for thought."
Rick Moran at American Thinker:
"The administration has been behind the curve on this crisis for two weeks and Sarah Palin recognizes it."
Reason at
"After the animals took over the farm in George Orwell's Animal Farm, the pig named Napoleon decided to use the sheep to help destroy his rival Snowball. For example, he would have them bleat during the speeches of Snowball who was a better public speaker.and had more success in winning public favor. The Democrats' Media Sheep have been treating former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin the same way Napoleon's sheep treated Snowball. They go out of their way to blame her for anything that goes wrong like the recent shooting in Tucson. In blaming Palin they conveniently ignored the fact that pollster Mark Penn, in an interview by Chris Matthews after the November election, suggested that President Barack Obama needed something like the Oklahoma City bombing to reconnect with voters. I doubt that Obama's supporters had anything to do with the Tucson shooting, but Obama did use it to improve his public standing."
Nice Deb:
"I’m sure it’s Sarah Palin’s fault that lefties hate her so much they feel the need to attack and threaten her... Someone should call the 'civility' police. Oh yeah, they did that already – which is why she’s seeing such an uptick in personal threats."
Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"It’s not like Sarah’s not used to peace-lovers threatening her and her family. If this is everything it appears to be on the surface, the organization has done nothing but embolden the 'altering behavior by intimidation' new-tone hypocrites. However, things aren’t always what they appear to be. It’s hard to imagine anything worthy of being called 'Patriots & Warriors' caving into anonymous threats that are merely par for the course when it comes to Palin, but there could be more to the story."
Mark Noonan at Blogs for Victory:
"Well, they had to stop her from speaking, didn’t they? ... Thank goodness we have liberals to ensure that our debates are carried on in a respectful, peaceful manner."
Jerry Fuhrman at From On High:
"Now along comes a gal who says and does everything right. One who walks the path of Ronald Reagan. One who never wavers from her conservative principles. One who doesn't give a damn what the Washington establishment thinks of her. One who shares - and champions - your values. One who is willing to suffer the slings and arrows - attacks of the most pernicious kind - willing to pursue YOUR goals with head held high and steady determination in her voice - so as to make this country of ours a better place. And what do you do? Run in fear... You don't deserve her. Ask yourself: Who made the determination that Sarah Palin isn't 'presidential' while Mitt Romney is? I'll answer for you: The same people who 'so demonized' her. And you accept that? You let the likes of Chris Matthews and Katie Couric determine for you whether she can run this country? Do they also change your diaper?"
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"Jeb could unite the party better than Palin or Romney? Come on Lowry, this is pure fantasy. The base has made it quite clear they are washing their hands of moderates like Bush, Romney and the rest of the soggy cucumber sandwiches."
Henry D'Andrea at Politicons:
"I want to share with you President Reagan’s poll numbers against President Carter in May 1980 and then compare it to Palin Vs Obama.
ABC Poll (May 1980)- Carter(Obama) Leads Reagan(Palin) 58% to 40%. 18% Spread
PPP (February 2011)- Obama(Carter) Leads Palin(Reagan) 55% to 38% 17% spread

Yet on November 4th, 1980 Ronald Reagan won 44 out of 50 states. Giving him 489 electoral votes and Carter only 49. Moral of the story, Sarah Palin may be trailing Obama by 17%, but polls mean absolutely nothing. Don’t ever underestimate Sarah Palin."
Doug Ross:
"Top 10 Democrats Who Have No Business Calling Sarah Palin Dumb..."
Joe Newby at
"There are apparently no limits regarding the left's unhinged hatred toward Sarah Palin. Joan Rivers joined the ranks of those afflicted with what is now called 'Palin Derangement Syndrome' when she called Sarah Palin a Nazi while speaking with Joy Behar... Rivers also blamed Palin's website for the shooting spree in Tucson that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life after being shot in the head."
Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab at the Washington Examiner:
"Calm down folks. Bristol Palin isn't going rogue. A poseur has set up a fake Twitter account under the name @Bristol_Palin and is pretending to be the "Dancing With the Stars" finalist."
"LUNTZ: What about Sarah Palin?
LUNTZ: Who would like to see Sarah Palin run? Raise your hands. Who doesn't want her to run? Raise your hands. So, it's overwhelming, you want her as a candidate. Anything about Sarah Palin that stands out to you, Eric?
ERIC: Actually, just a true conservative. And I believe her values are unwavering, it's what we are looking for in any candidate.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I believe she would stand up for free enterprise. I believe small business, the providers of society."
- JP

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