Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gov. Palin to talk about Iowa on 'Hannity' tonight

Meanwhile, Huckabee's presidential PAC files some papers
Gov. Palin will appear on Hannity's show tonight. The blurb on his webpage reads:
"Are rumors of Sarah Palin’s staff scouting out Iowa true? The former Alaska governor is here to tell us"
We wonder if Hannity will mention this item seen on a pro-Huckabee blog:

In what could potentially be a huge indication of Huckabee’s future political plans (or lack thereof), Huckabee’s presidential committee Huckabee for President, Inc has filed termination paperwork with the FEC.

The report was filed with the FEC on 1/31/11 at the time other political committees were filing their usual year-end reports, and can be viewed here.

8PM Texas Time, repeat showing at 11PM.

Update: Leave it to Hannity to promote Gov. Palin's appearance on his show with a subject he hardly even touched on -- and then only in passing -- Iowa.

- JP

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