Thursday, December 9, 2010

Palin vs. Gravel 2012?

Former Senator from Alaska considering primary challenge to Obama
"It is our destiny!" tweets Richocet's James Poulos. While Poulos is likely twittering with tongue in cheek, the former Alaska Senator and 2006 Democrat presidential candidate (he also tried and failed to run for the White House on the Libertarian ticket in 2008) told The Daily Caller in an interview via e-mail that he is weighing a primary challenge to President Obama in '12:
Progressives who view President Obama’s recent tax compromise with Republican leadership as a betrayal have suggested in recent days that a primary challenge to Obama in 2012 is not unimaginable. TheDC reported that some progressives have been floating names like Howard Dean, Russ Feingold, and even actor George Clooney as possible contenders.

Gravel, who served in the Senate from 1969 to 1980, also stated that he believes that members of the U.S. government “may certainly have participated with the obviously known perpetrators” of the September 11th attacks. “Obviously an act that has triggered three wars, Afghan, Iraqi and the continuing War on Terror, should be extensively investigated”, Gravel continued, “which was not done and which the government avoids addressing.”

Just the ticket for leftist Dems who don't think Obama is radical enough! Gravel, you may not remember, saw to it that the Pentagon Papers were entered into the congressional record back in 1971. The curmudgeonly Alaskan also praises WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as something of a modern day Daniel Ellsberg:
“The revelations of Wikileaks are not an endangerment to American troops in our far flung Empire, but they truly are an embarrassment to America’s political leadership today.”
There's no love lost between Gravel and Gov. Palin, that's for sure. But an all-Alaska showdown for the presidency in 2012, as much as it would make for good copy, is not likely. We doubt that a 911 conspiracy theorist could win the nomination, even of the moonbat Democrat party. But then again, Dean, Finegold and Clooney don't appear to be likely contenders, either.

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  1. We doubt that a 911 conspiracy theorist could win the nomination, even of the moonbat Democrat party.

    He tried to win the Democrat nomination in 2008, but fared as well as Dennis Kucinich (in other words, zilch). Shockingly, he then switched his focus to the Libertarian nomination, but was eliminated during their national convention after four rounds of ballots.