Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 179

"Unconventional Wisdom" Edition

The Editors at National Review Online:
"Mrs. Obama’s 'eat your veggies' crusade is at once a remarkably shallow response and a remarkably ambitious one: She may know next to nothing about the deeper issues, but she has adamant faith that the transformative quality of political power will allow even the most ignorant politician — or politician’s wife — to ameliorate any problem, even one that has thus far proved 'impervious to clinical treatment.' By the same token, Mrs. Palin’s dismissal of that conceit contains more wisdom than is understood by political entrepreneurs of the Obama variety or by their factota in the media. Advantage: Palin."
Michelle Malkin at Human Events:
"Nanny State Republican Mike Huckabee... took a swipe at Sarah Palin last week for criticizing the White House usurpation of parental responsibility and rights... Did Huckabee miss (or does he agree with) Mrs. Obama's officious rallying cry on child nutrition: 'We can't just leave it up to parents'?"
BigFurHat at
"There is a vast difference between Sarah Palin saying that people can make smart choices and Mooshell saying it. The left doesn’t latch onto a crusade without regulations and taxes coming down the pike. THAT is the difference. Bastions of the lunatic fringe elements have already banned fast food restaurants, school boards are treating sugar as if it is heroin, the left is drooling over the prospect of being able to tax the crap out of soda, Bloomberg thinks salt is the problem. Just like the left can’t figure out that exploding deficits is not a revenue problem, it’s a spending problem, they can’t figure out that obesity is not an eating problem, it’s a lack of exercise problem – particularly in kids."
Susan Duclos at Wake up America:
"It is a food fight today between Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama, but that is one small battle in a much larger war... Sarah Palin is on the side of the parents, the people, Americans. Michelle Obama is on the side of bigger government interference."
SkinnieMinnie at Three Fingers Of Politics:
"This has got to be one of the most desperate attempts to undermine Sarah Palin to date... Author Bonnie Fuller suggests that because Palin seems content with where her two oldest children are in her life, and because she does not make higher education a big focus of her show Sarah Palin’s Alaska that the mama grizzly might view college as 'elitist.' Fuller also suggests that because the conservative politician is opposed to the first lady’s jihad against fatty foods that she might be 'anti-elitist.' ... Putting the power to select a child’s menu back in the hands of parents and not government does not make Palin anti-elitist or anti-education: it makes her a conservative."
Kempite at White House 2012:
"Sarah Palin has the attention of the people and the presence of personality to take away the steam that many other potential candidates would need to be successful. As such, many like John Thune and even Mike Pence are waiting to see what she does."
Ron Konkoma at Evil Conservative Radio:
"Most anyone with a solid double-digit IQ knows that the left's not-so-subtle suggestion that Sarah Palin (or, for that matter, anyone) would be unsuited to match intellects with our current President is a bunch of malarkey. In fact, I think that Obama's pretty thoroughly demonstrated his superficial grasp of issues and his shockingly rigid mindest - notice how frequently he seems angry at reality for not conforming to his delusions? Anyway... will any of that matter if the left succeeds at getting the average American to believe in Obama's inherent intellectual superiority? He is, after all, an Ivy Leaguer, don't you know."
Gene Lalor at American Conservative Daily:
"The only conspiracy of any consequence is the transparent plot to somehow discredit Sarah Palin via a 20 year old surrogate, Bristol Palin."
Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List:
"Jamie Stiehm’s “Sarah Palin Is No Friend of Women in Politics” isn’t the first time feminist history has been rewritten to fit the abortion-centered model, but it is one of the more egregious instances of ignoring current events... n the House, the 112th Congress will see a 70 percent increase in the number of pro-life women representatives and a 16 percent decrease in the number of pro-abortion women. Republican Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire will fill the void of a pro-life woman’s voice in the Senate. At the state level, we’ll see a four-fold increase in the number of pro-life women governors. This wave of pro-life women leaders swept into office seems to have pushed pro-abortion feminists like Stiehm into denial, causing them to ignore the trend and distort historical fact."
Sen. Jim DeMint via Politico:
"We’ve never spoken, but [Gov. Palin] left me a nice message, and I believe she’s done more for the Republican Party than anyone since Ronald Reagan."
Meredith Dake at Big Journalism:
"Sarah Palin is a straight-talking, articulate (although, rarely qualified as much by the MSM), super-mom turned political pundit. President Obama is a sleek, charismatic but somewhat emotionally aloof politician who can read a teleprompter like nobody’s business (except when it references the military – then he’s a little lost). People who will be impressed but such theatrics (like 'brain-dead' liberals) which look great on camera but do little toward the preservation of our country, will be impressed by such things. Juan Williams is one of those people and yet he somehow managed to stumble on to the truth in his Palin Derangement Syndrome rant: Sarah Palin, when it comes to intellectual honesty, is miles above President Obama’s 'stage'."
Gary P Jackson at A Time For Choosing:
"Online real estate marketer surveyed American adults asking them who they would like to have living next door to them. As it turns out, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Palin topped the list coming in first and second respectively."
Wes Vernon at The Washington Times:
"Sarah Palin has read the writings of such intellectual giants as Milton Friedman, Alexis de Tocqueville and Whittaker Chambers and such historical leaders as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. In America by Heart... she cites the published letters between John and Abigail Adams in this nation's infancy as well as the speech of Calvin Coolidge... Beyond that, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee - recently in USA Today - offered us her insight regarding Iran's nuclear capabilities and ambitions. Such displays of research and knowledge are not likely to prevent critics from disparaging her intellectual heft. Indeed, one is left to wonder if they would credit Mrs. Palin's gravitas if she were to author her own comprehensive encyclopedia blindfolded and without notes or research material at hand. The former Alaska governor's second best-seller brims with historically significant details (many not widely known). Moreover, she discusses at length in well-ordered terminology who she is, what she believes, why she believes it and why she pursues her very public path whether or not she ultimately joins the presidential sweepstakes 2012."
Taylor Marsh:
"Republicans were always going to pick up seats in the House and Senate, but after having Sarah Palin beat the crap out of [the Democrats] on messaging before, you’d think they’d have been prepared for a doubling down by the Right..."
Cal Thomas at the Washington Examiner:
"Sarah Palin deserves an apology. When she said that the new health-care law would lead to 'death panels' deciding who gets life-saving treatment and who does not, she was roundly denounced and ridiculed. Now we learn, courtesy of one of the ridiculers -- the New York Times -- that she was right... This rule will inevitably lead to bureaucrats deciding who is 'fit' to live and who is not... It's not a myth, and that's where Palin nailed it. All inhumanities begin with small steps... Do you see where this leads? First the prohibition against abortion is removed and 'doctors' now perform them. Then the assault on the infirm and elderly begins. Once the definition of human life changes, all human lives become potentially expendable if they don't measure up to constantly 'evolving' government standards."
- JP

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