Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 173

"Weathered" Edition

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Chris Matthews on the syndicated program bearing his name devoted an entire segment this weekend to attacking Sarah Palin... As for Matthews' comment about Palin being a victim, he's partially right: she's a victim of America's liberal media complex that has been mercilessly attacking her since the moment John McCain announced her as his running mate in August 2008. Now, almost 28 months later, they're all still at it and hypocritically wondering why her approval rating is so low. Reminds you of a child asking why the scab he keeps picking at won't stop bleeding."
Dan Riehl at Big Hollywood:
"Is Sarah Palin intent on killing Bambi with her travelogue on The Learning Channel? Perhaps, both figuratively and literally. If so, freedom and free market conservatives and American traditionalists should hope her aim is true."
Michael Rulle at NewsReal Blog:
"One way or the other, Sarah Palin will have the biggest impact on the GOP’s chances to win the presidency in 2012. Her recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal supporting Rep. Paul Ryan’s economic deficit reduction and economic growth plan is simply her latest in a series of comments on the important issues for America. Her astuteness in these matters is apparent... Sarah Palin is the first presidential 'hopeful' to come out aggressively in support of Ryan, while recognizing it is not a 'perfect plan'. Implicitly and explicitly, therefore, she is the first candidate to support an actual existing plan to reduce entitlements in exchange for a more free market based savings and healthcare system. This is different than supporting a non-existent or incoherent plan spouting platitudes. This is significant in my opinion. The GOP candidate that can carry this message forward without alienating the people, who must elect them, will have achieved a historically significant accomplishment."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"When it comes to hunting, I prefer getting analysis from Palin, Ted Nugent, or an avid hunter rather than Meghan McCain any day of the week."
Rachel Rose Hartman at Yahoo's The Ticket blog:
"Sarah Palin... wasn't running for anything this year -- but her prominence still made her a Democratic target. Democrats used Palin against the Republicans she endorsed, such as Carly Fiorina in California, to cast the candidates as lockstep supporters of all Palin's positions. And in the eleventh hour, Palin popped up again in the Democratic National Committee's message: 'Don't let Palin win,' those appeals implored, by voting Republican this year. But Palin got the last laugh, having boosted multiple candidates to wins across the country, and she remains prominent on the short list of potential list of GOP presidential contenders 2012."
Sissy Willis at sisu:
"Charles Krauthammer is not one of us."
Madeline's Dad at Where Are My Keys?:
"Told you that commodity prices would go up, and guess what? They have... 'Fueled by the higher costs of wheat, sugar, corn, soybeans and energy, shoppers could see as much as a 4 percent increase at the supermarket checkout next year.' 'I noticed just this month that my grocery bill for the same old stuff - cereal, eggs, milk, orange juice, peanut butter, bread - spiked $25,' said Sue Perry, deputy editor of ShopSmart magazine, a nonprofit publication from Consumer Reports. 'It was a bit of sticker shock.' Didn't Sarah Palin get blasted by the Left when she said this was happening a few weeks ago?"
Jim Campbell at
"She became the most sought after endorsement for politicians running for office. Sarah has been hotly pursued as a speaker for a variety of charity events all the while being mercilessly attacked for all manner of ridiculous charges, trumped up, or otherwise."
Jedediah Bila at
"When I first heard about Sarah Palin’s eight-week documentary series on TLC, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska,' I thought, 'Perfect. I finally get to see Alaska.' But I had no idea how much of a glimpse I’d get into a landscape and lifestyle so different from the one I see and live each day. Or how inspired I’d be by it all... I’d like to thank the Palins for sharing Alaska and their family with America for these eight weeks. I’ve always wanted to see Alaska in person, but now I know that I must."
Howard Delo at The Frontiersman:
"I don’t care if you Palin haters want to criticize her, just pick something worth criticizing her over! This constant nit-picking of every detail of her life is as monotonously boring as the media coverage and commentary of her political situation."
Marlee Matlin via
"We spoke as two mothers back and forth. Then I said to her how proud I was of Bristol, and that she should be, too, and I told her why, with my observation. She said, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ and gave me a hug. Elevator opened, and she walked out. My interpreter said that he heard her say, ‘Wow!’ You understand, I don’t support her politics, but as a woman and as a mother, yes, just like any other mother. And she's really pretty."
Gary P Jackson at A Time For Choosing:
"'Sarah Palin was right!' I think this is a phrase we are going to be hearing for many years to come. This will be of great delight to Sarah’s millions of supporters and cause massive heartburn among democrats and the Republican establishment, the Ruling Class of America."
Chris Cillizza at The Fix:
"Palin has begun to break out of her Twitter/Facebook cocoon to interact with the mainstream media of late. Basic political analysis would suggest that Palin's newfound love -- ok, that may be too strong a word -- for the press means that she is trying to re-shape her public image in advance of a run for president. But, as we have written many times, basic political analysis doesn't often apply to Palin. It's just as likely that this media tour is the result of a snap decision made by Palin and her top/only political adviser (aka First Dude Todd Palin). Who knows? What we do know is that Palin is the only person on the Line who could get 10,000 people to show up and see her next weekend in Iowa. And that's worth something."
Donald Douglas at American Power:
"It's more than progressive ignorance we must address. And it's not just children's books. It's the larger issue that leftists are attacking Palin on the basis of her faith."
Tim Graham at NewsBusters:
"On MSNBC Friday night, Ed Schultz proclaimed on his show that Sarah Palin's a phony for touring Haiti now, that the 'earthquake happened 11 months ago' and now she's just doing it to plug her new book and reality show. (Ed seems to have missed the recent cholera outbreak. Who needs the Couric question about what newspapers he reads?) Since liberals usually equate traveling to desperate spots of global poverty with compassion, let's ask this question: When has Ed Schultz been to Haiti? A review of transcripts on Nexis and Google searches provide no shred of evidence that Schultz has cared enough to visit."
- JP

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