Friday, December 31, 2010

Moonbat Matthews: The fact that Sen. Demint 'has a mind is news'

Showing how low MSPDS can go
The clowns at MSPDS demonstrate on a daily basis why the leftist cable network's ratings are down in the sewer along with its program hosts. A prime example is provided in the following clip, in which "Hardball" host Chris Matthews can't just disagree with Sen. Jim Demint about Sarah Palin, but has to engage in an ad hominem attack on the intelligence of a sitting U.S. Senator who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from Clemson University and years of experience as a marketing research professional:

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As is so often the case with elitist liberals, Matthews didn't listen to what Demint said. The Senator did not say that Gov. Palin has done more for the GOP than Ronald Reagan; he said that she has done more for the party since Reagan. But leftists aren't exactly known for being attentive listeners. They are too busy trying to think of something snarky to say as a putdown than to pay attention, and more often than not, they beclown themselves with their catty responses.

h/t: TheRightScoop

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