Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zogby poll: Gov. Palin is person of the Year for 2010

Sarah Palin put the Tea Party on the map
According to an online survey of 1,950 adults conducted by Zogby International from Dec 8 to Dec. 10, Sarah Palin is the Person of the Year for 2010. The poll, also names former President George W. Bush as the Person of the Decade:
Palin garners a 21% response with President Barack Obama claiming 16% for person of the year, and Glenn Beck tied with Julian Assange with 13%. None of the other seven people listed (General David Petraeus, Mark Zukerberg, Hillary Clinton, Conan O'Brien, Steve Jobs, LeBron James, Robert Gates) in the survey pull in more than 6%.

Democrats mostly choose President Obama (33%) and Assange (19%), while Republicans go for Palin (39%) and Beck (25%), and independents split their votes between Palin (17%), Beck (16%) and Assange (15%). President Obama only pulled 8% of the Independent vote.

Former President George W. Bush pulls in 44% of the respondents for Person of the Decade. President Obama comes in second with 20% and Osama Bin Laden garners 11%.

Meanwhile, even liberal Taylor Marsh, in that familiar condescending manner, opines that TIME magazine should have chosen Sarah Palin over Mark Zuckerberg for its Person of the Year:
"The fact remains that Sarah Palin put the Tea Party on the map and pushed their presence and validated them through victory after victory. Considering they’ll own the House come January, bringing into Washington the most conservative body we’ve seen in decades, which has also changed the behavior of establishment Republicans because of the Tea Party rise, Sarah Palin would have been a raucously interesting selection."
- JP

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