Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 176

Special Christmas Edition

"I write for myself, for you, and a select handful of others. Same with Sarah Palin. 'America By Heart.' It's the book I'm reading now. Sarah is writing about her priors. Those beliefs that she holds as central, critical, to her beliefs... Because we start with the same, natural, origin, it is critical that we adopt an agenda--such as that adopted by our Founding Fathers--that reflects our understanding of our nature and origins... Sarah's willingness to admit to the goodness of her fellow man is revealing to me. It is what I would expect from someone who has truly looked into, not only her own heart, but the hearts of those she loves, to see the commonality of those she, you and I, live among. We will find ourselves let down by our expectations, from time-to-time. She admits this. I admit this. But she is unwilling to give up on how wonderful free men are. We care about each other. We are patient. We are industrious. We are human."
Fishersville Mike:
"Fox news, Sarah Palin... Two things to be thankful for this Christmas season... It's such to see Facebook postings from people upset by these two. If they keep worrying about Fox News and Sarah Palin, their 2011 will be in turmoil, also."
Jared H. McAndersen at The Looking Spoon:
"How is the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act NOT an imposition of 'the government's desires on people?' It's now law... If anyone can tell me which federal law Huckabee used to guide him in dropping his 100 pounds I'll back off the issue, and because I'm a nice guy I wont make beeping sounds while I do it. All Palin is doing is playing a little gander to Michelle's goose by employing Obama's BFF Saul Alinsky's fifth rule: 'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.' This kind of nonsense needs to be ridiculed until election day, when it can be defeated."
Calvin Freiburger at Calvin Freiburger Online:
"Mike Huckabee vs. Sarah Palin on healthy diets in schools? Sorry Lisa, but I'm with Palin."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"As NewsBusters readers are well aware, vulgarian comedienne Kathy Griffin spends a lot of time bashing the Palins. On Thursday's 'Late Late Show' she told Craig Ferguson, 'I just think the whole family is a riot. Just trust me'... Actually, what we should trust is that this 'woman' understands quite well that all she has to do is say anything disparaging about one or all of the Palins, and the liberal media will eat it up. Does that say more about her or the state of 'journalism' today?"
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Chris Matthews on almost a nightly basis devotes MSNBC air time to bashing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin... Readers are once again reminded that Matthews believes 'Hardball' is 'absolutely nonpartisan.'"
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Oprah Winfrey thinks America is going to fall in love with Sarah Palin - as a reality TV star that is. In a Parade magazine interview scheduled for publication this Sunday, the daytime talk star also said she's not afraid of Palin running for president because she believes in 'the intelligence of the American public'... Readers should expect her comments about both these figures to get a lot of attention in the coming days, especially from the Palin-deranged media."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"Oprah... She’s one of the original Obama Disciples, what do you expect her to say? Certainly nothing intelligent…"
Sister Toldjah:
"Um, [Oprah] believes in the 'intelligence of the American people' even though a majority (with her help) elected a man with one of the thinnest resumes in Presidential history, who has proven over and over again how he’s not even close to being up to the task of actually leading it? She still supports this guy, is still making excuses for him after two years of epic failure on the most important domestic issue facing Americans today – the economy and unemployment? So, like assuming for purposes of discussion that Sarah Palin was the GOP nominee running against President Obama and the election were this year, Oprah would likely pull out all the big guns to try to help get Obama elected to another term... What I’m wondering is where the heck is HER intelligence? I mean, I know she’s a liberal and all but even liberals are waking up to the reality that the country would be a lot better off if President Obama were still the junior Senator from Illinois rather than the 'leader of the free world.' And regardless of what you think about Sarah Palin, surely she could do no worse than our pseudo-intellectual celebrity President."
Vilmar at Kickin' and Screamin':
"Oprah says Americans would be smart to elect Sarah Palin... OK, maybe it’s what I took out of it but... taken to its logical conclusion, if Palin does not get elected does that mean Americans are idiots? I’d say so."
Ace at Ace of Spades HQ:
"Culture is thicker than ideology... This I think is the reason many grassroots conservatives hate Mitt Romney and love Sarah Palin. Even though they agree on most issues, they sense Mitt Romney is from that leadership class, and will sell them out at the drop of a hat to keep in the good graces of the culture he admires and identifies with, and Sarah Palin is definitely from their own class -- what the establishment regards as The Barbaric Other -- and will tend to support them."
Broadsheet at Sarah Palin's Alaska:
"The Joke Well Runs Dry... Running out of ideas, guys? It’s okay if you’re taking a vacation early or something, just let us know."
Bill Smith at ARRA News Service:
"As many know, I have for some time been supporting the Draft Sarah Palin 2012 Committee. Will I continue to do so? Yes. Will I support the Draft Herman Cain for President 2012? You betcha! I liked watching and supporting Sarah Palin in 2008. I voted for her and that other guy she was running with. She is dynamic and it is amazing watching her communicate with a crowd. She also leads in being nationally known. She is a classy conservative lady who the liberals hate above all other candidates. I will keep my Veterans for Sarah hat on my rack whether she runs or not! Palin has learned the national debate game since 2008. If she wins the Republican nomination, she will shred Obama and his policies... I do not mind having lots of hats while others often prefer just a favorite hat. I am happy to see numerous viable quality conservative candidates available to run for office. We need someone to bring the ship of state back into a safe harbor and reversing the threat of national bankruptcy."
Merv Benson at Prairie Pundit:
"People continue to underestimate Sarah Palin. If she can swing some independents her way with policy positions she will have a shot in 2012."
Gary P. Jackson at A Time for Choosing:
"These elites who are constantly sniping at Sarah Palin do so, not because they honestly think she isn’t 'presidential' ... but because they have an agenda. The Republican establishment fears Sarah Palin. Not the lady, as much as what she represents. Like Ronald Reagan before her, Sarah is a movement Conservative... Sarah is also a reformer... This scares both parties in Washington, but scares the Republican establishment the most. When Sarah Palin says she would go to Washington to 'shake things up' she means it!"
- JP

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