Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 178

"The Devil's in the Death Panels" Edition

Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"Sarah Palin was exactly right when she mentioned that ObamaCare featured rationing and Death Panels -- and now we have it confirmed by no less a source than Pravda-on-the-Hudson. Originally, the language on the so-called 'end of life planning' -- AKA death panels -- was removed before ObamaCare was shoved through, although the provision for those Independent Medical Advisory Boards was left in, which amounted to the same thing. However, President Obama sneaked the language back in under the guise of regulation, so MediCare is now going to pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which includes directives to forgo what's termed 'aggressive life-sustaining treatment.' ... To paraphrase lunatic and ex-congressman Alan Grayson, Obama and the Democrats just want you to die quickly."
Kim Priestap:
"The death panels Sarah Palin talked about may have found their way back in to ObamaCare... By regulatory fiat, ObamaCare will pay doctors to talk to their Medicare patients about end of life care."
Kenneth Schortgen Jr at Examiner.com:
"Sarah Palin, who was a staunch advocate against the potential of death panels because of her son Trig, saw the the removal of these panels from the bill simply an end-around play that would eventually be instituted by the President in an Executive Order, or by a regulatory agency outside the power of Congress... It appears that Palin's fears were correct in that the New York Times has confirmed President Obama is looking hard at implementing the death panels through regulatory bodies starting on January 1st."
"Sure, right now it’s just voluntary, but that’s just the boot heel in the door. We all know how this game will end. It’s all about cost. Sarah Palin was right then and she’s still right."
J.D. Longstreet at Right Side News:
"Obama is a fast learner... He is going to rely on his Czars and his regulatory agencies to pass into law the control over US citizens necessary to 'fundamentally transform' (Obama’s words) America into the socialist utopia he dreams about... Remember the 'Death Panels' we were warned about by Sarah Palin and other conservatives. It was the so-called end-of-life plan written into the original ObamaCare Plan. When the public learned about it, all heck broke loose and the democrats were forced to drop it from the ObamaCare plan. But never fear. Obama is doing an end run around the national legislature, the Congress, and forcing it on the American people, anyway! ObamaCare supporters refer to it as a 'quiet victory.' See what I mean?"
Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media:
"Sarah Palin took and continues to take heat for the 'death panels' rhetoric, but she was right. She was smart enough to see what Obama intended, and she was strong enough to take the heat for pointing it all out, and never backed down. Just thought I’d point that out."
"Sarah Palin Will Now Accept Your Apology... Funny how all the things that Republicans (including Sarah Palin) warned about Obamacare – and for which they were derided – are now coming to pass. Cost will go down. Sorry, they will go up. The insurance mandate is not a tax. Oops, it is a tax. Not death panels. Well, yeah they are sort of death panels..."
Steven Ertelt at LifeNews.com:
"The death panels initially came under fire when former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin used the phrase to describe the advance care planning consultations found in Section 1233 of the bill before the final version received Congressional approval."
Jack Cashill at American Thinker Blog:
"FOX News commentator and former White House Press secretary Dana Perino... found it 'very discordant' that one day Palin could be seen camping on her reality show or heard tweeting about some 'cute thing' and then the next day produce 'a very serious and thoughtful piece about a nuclear Iran.' Concludes Perino about the USA Today piece on Iran, 'It doesn't sound like her when you read the materials.' This multi-tasking seems beyond Perino... Whether Palin actually wrote the piece on Iran I cannot say, but like just about everything attributed to Palin, it is as sensible and straightforward as Palin herself. She could easily have written it. In Palin's memoir, Going Rogue... there is... not a sentence in the book Palin could not have written herself... The same cannot be said about the literary pretensions of Barack Obama."
myiq2xu at The Confluence:
"Now the conventional wisdom on the left is that the GOP establishment is attacking Palin because they are afraid that if she is the 2012 nominee she will lose in the general election. That’s wrong. They are scared ____less that she’ll win."
Ira Stoll at The Future of Capitalism:
"The Wall Street Journal has an editorial inexplicably siding with Michelle Obama against Sarah Palin on the issue of Mrs. Obama's campaign against childhood obesity... The Journal says Mrs. Obama has eschewed coercion. But there's nothing optional or non-coercive about the $275 million in tax dollars that are being taken by government force from taxpayers and used to subsidize new firms. I've been meaning to get to Philadelphia to check out this supermarket and, more importantly, ask other stores in the neighborhood how they feel about having their tax dollars taken to subsidize a new competitor that Mrs. Obama and the Treasury secretary like because it offers produce from local farmers. But for those of us out in the real economy trying to start businesses without the benefit of Treasury grants or 39% tax credits — well, let's just say that from here it looks like Sarah Palin understands what Michelle Obama and Timothy Geithner are up to a whole lot better than do the editorial writers of the Wall Street Journal."
Flood at My Big Mouth:
"Frankly I think Sarah has done Michelle all wrong; one look at the first lady and you'd very quickly decide that she holds no prejudice against smores."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"Right before Christmas Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee doubled down on his support of Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act by defending Mrs. Obama from Sarah Palin... We do have an obesity problem. But I would say it is Governor Huckabee, not Governor Palin who misunderstand what Michelle Obama is trying to do... The problem is what role does the government play in such matters. Governor Palin gets it, Governor Huckabee at least with this issue doesn’t... Governor Palin has it right when she says that the Obamas don’t trust people 'to make decisions for their own children.' We’ve seen two years that the Obamas favor more governmental control. Michelle Obama does try to tell people what to eat, and she has pushed the government’s desires onto people through this act. When will [Huckabee] recognize that this bill is unconstitutional and a further encroachment of government into people’s every day lives?"
Martha R Gore at Examiner.com:
"It is going to drive the haters crazy to learn that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin made the list of the top ten most admired people."
Manhattan Infidel:
"Stunned by recent incidents of schoolyard bullying, and heeding the cry of Hollywood to do something, the House passed a resolution calling for an end to 'all bullying and unnice behavior' in the entire United States 'unless said bullying is directed at a monster such as Sarah Palin.' ... The House resolution, in addition to banning bullying, mandates that all sporting events must contain at least five nonathletic nerds who throw like girls. Also, whenever possible games must end in a tie to ensure that 'everyone feels good about themselves and those who would have lost aren’t traumatized.'"
- JP

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