Monday, December 20, 2010

IBD Editors: Palin's Vindication

The lesson: When Mama Grizzly roars, maybe the Beltway know-it-alls should listen.
The editors at Investor's Business Daily recall how the GOP establishment and some conservatives among the punditocracy ridiculed Gov. Palin for endorsing and supporting such Tea Party challengers as Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller and Sharron Angle. Yes, all three were less polished than their establishment opponents. A look at some recent voting on the hill, however, vindicates the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate and her 2010 choices:
Well, guess who just voted with the House of Representatives' lame-duck Democratic majority to ignore military concerns and repeal "don't ask, don't tell"? "Republican" Mike Castle did.

Guess who just voted for the Dream Act, which would have granted amnesty and instant eligibility for welfare and government education benefits to millions of illegal aliens, costing the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars? "Republican" Mike Castle did.

Charles Krauthammer, a national treasure among syndicated columnists and IBD regular, seriously questioned Palin's judgment in backing O'Donnell. "Castle voted against ObamaCare and the stimulus," Krauthammer noted in September. "Yes, he voted for cap-and-trade. That's batting .667."

But having lost both the Senate nomination and his House seat — won in November by Democratic former Lt. Gov. John Carney — the lame-duck session is lowering Castle's batting average.

It's clear that whatever eccentricities O'Donnell exhibited, none would have compelled her to vote for either of these appalling bills. Or for the half-baked New START nuclear disarmament treaty that the Obama administration is demanding the Senate blindly ratify without fully knowing what it would do, absurdly claiming that our national security lies in the balance.

- JP

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  1. I hope someday president Palin hosts an assemblage of distinguished journalists. And then she asks Charles Krauthammer to stand up and leave the room.