Sunday, December 19, 2010

The left's latest non-scandal: Gov. Palin's bear rug

Their minds are on vacation...
Sarah Palin's effect on leftist idiots is to make them even more idiotic. The latest non-scandal the Palinophobes on the left are trying to cook up involves the bearskin rug seen in the Palin's house in Robin Roberts' GMA interview of the governor.

The crooks and liars at the hard left website Crooks and Liars, in a hysterical post titled "The Utterly Predictable Sarah Palin" have concluded that Gov. Palin is somehow a hypocrite:
Palin on GMA, "[I] would never shoot an animal for its fur or for fashion". In the background, a bearskin rug complete with head.
If leftists were not so "intellectually incurious," they would take a few seconds to do a Google search and learn that her father Chuck Heath, not Gov. Palin, shot the bear that is now that rug. But doing that would incinerate yet another of the many straw man arguments they use in their pathological drive to try to destroy Sarah Palin.

This has to rank right up there with "1773" as another classic example of liberal ignorance, lack of curiosity and foaming-at-the-mouth pettiness regarding anything Palin-related. Whenever we see these sad cases of Palin Derangement Syndrome, we're reminded of the old Mose Allison tune:

- JP

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