Friday, December 17, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 172

Special "Mesmerized" Edition

Piers Morgan, CNN's replacement for Larry King:
"She’s a mesmerizing character on television…she tweets all the time. She is leading from the front…she is using those platforms in a highly effective way. She is driving a movement through the prism of social networking, and recognizing that if she can talk and communicate to people in a simple, effective manner, through these social networking sites, she’s going to get votes."
Dr. Charles W. Dunn, of Regent University:
"Sarah Palin has the advantage going into Iowa. That electorate is dominated by evangelical Christians -- anywhere from a third to a half of the Iowa GOP electorate."
Elizabeth H. at
"Whether she is spending time with her family, exploring Alaska or making a trip to Haiti with Samaritan's Purse, Sarah Palin is being true to herself... Palin's views on controversial topics (abortion, gun rights, etc.) polarize American voters. Still, she stands by her beliefs no matter what others think... Next time Sarah Palin, or any other public figure, is dragged through the mud, stop and think. What would you do if it was you or your family?"
Humberto Fontova at American Thinker:
"Sarah Palin ain't the only one who dances on a hunt... My little dance was more like Bristol's than Sarah's. Sorkin would have fainted."
James Lewis at American Thinker:
"The left is still pushing the climate scam because it's the biggest totalitarian power-grab in history, and they can't let go of it -- even if nobody believes Algore anymore. Trillions of dollars are teetering on the edge, like the Chicago Climate Exchange, and leftists are all rushing in to keep it from screaming down into the steep canyon. This is right out of a Road Runner cartoon. But the biggest threat the left sees is Governor Sarah Palin. And it's not just the American left -- the Euro-lefties hate Governor Palin in the same way they still go foaming at the mouth over Maggie Thatcher."
Mike Metroulasat Big Journalism:
"The hostility toward Sarah Palin seems to be reaching the 'What is this, a center for ants?' Derek Zoolander level."
AWR Hawkins at Big Journalism:
"When Sarah Palin recently cited the legendary C.S. Lewis and the phrase 'divine inspiration' in the same sentence during a Barbara Walters interview, liberal talking heads went apoplectic. MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe thought there were a lot of things Palin could have read besides C.S. Lewis if 'divine inspiration' was the goal, and The View’s Joy Behar mocked her for reading books that were (supposedly) written for children... MSNBC’s Chris Matthews... (falsely) raised the specter that Palin wanted a 'theocracy'... in this country, all in an effort to scare the bejesus out of those whom he couldn’t offend by reciting Palin’s words. For all the hullabaloo over Palin’s pursuit of divine inspiration and her prayerful consideration of a run in 2012, I still can’t find Matthews’ criticism of Obama’s willingness to speak of himself in messianic terms during the 2008 election cycle, nor can I find Behar and Wolffe’s for that matter."
Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King at Big Journalism:
"For AP to say they did not realize Bristol Palin was the one fixing her mother’s hair stretches credulity... Media Matters’... Eric Boehlert proclaimed the AP innocent. Now that’s dedication."
Tim Slagle at Big Hollywood:
"We shouldn’t be surprised when a daughter of America’s most prominent conservative advances to the finals of a dance contest and some people petition the government for a redress of jitterbug... There were numerous emails and letters sent to the Federal Communications Commission regarding the move of Bristol into the final round of Dancing With The Stars... There have been numerous calls for the FCC to suspend the licenses of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, two entities that do not require FCC licenses. The Party who thinks requiring proof of US citizenship in order to vote qualifies as a constitutional violation wants FCC licenses for Americans exercising their First Amendment rights... For all the talk about the Right Wing being full of fascists, you never really hear the Right trying to censor the Left. If the FCC were inundated with letters every time a left-wing cause was advanced on network TV, one episode of The West Wing would have made FCC desks look like the final courtroom scene in Miracle on 34th Street."
Ace at Ace of Spades HQ:
"If the media is still in Palinmania after two years, where any mention drives traffic, ratings, and revenue, shouldn't she get a Saturday morning cartoon out of the deal, too, like the Beatles did?"
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"Michael Shaw, who blogs at HuffPo, has a serious case of PDS. Upon seeing an AP photo with a caption asserting that Sarah Palin had 'her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center,' Shaw went wild... As news spread that the AP caption was deceptive, Shaw clearly was embarrassed by his rant, so he ran [an] update blaming AP and claimed he was a skeptic all along... Sorry Mr. Shaw, you've been punked by the mainstream media and your own PDS."
Dennis Prager at National Review Online:
"What has [Sarah Palin] ever said, written, or done to justify Sorkin’s hatred and cruelty? Indeed, what has she ever said or written that was as infantile or morally foolish as what Aaron Sorkin wrote about her?"
Lori Ziganto at NewsReal Blog:
"Every time I think that the 'Press' can’t sink any lower than the rock bottom they’ve already hit, they somehow manage to burrow themselves further into the earth’s mantle. As is so often the case, this most recent gutter-dwelling example has to do with Sarah Palin, who dared to go on a humanitarian trip to Haiti. This does not suit! You see, how can the Press feel all holier-than-thou and better than Sarah Palin – and her fellow rubes – when she is out helping people in Haiti, while they are sitting at home and sipping their soy lattes? I mean, you can’t even see their super awesome and caring 'cause ribbons' in print."
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"Is AP anti-Palin? ... Lori Ziganto said it was sexist. No... The Associated Press is not being sexist. The AP is being petty. That is worse."
Mark Vogl at America Today:
"Governor Palin was ahead of the pack when she rejected the bill which passed the Senate [Tuesday]. Republicans in the Senate once again collapsed. They could have stopped this bill, but they didn't... Sarah Palin had been almost alone when she opposed this bill. Now, most Americans reject this bill. A sign of a leader is knowing the mind of the nation, before even the nation knows...Sarah seems to be a leader with that skill."
- JP

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