Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 175

"C.S.Lewis" Edition

The Conservative Sage:
"Palin said she reads Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis for 'inspiration.' Joy Behar, that great political thinker from ABC's 'The View' who mocks Palin relentlessly quipped 'aren't those children's books?' ... The irony is those who make a living attacking the intellect of conservatives, have shown their own ignorance by dismissing one of the most prolific Christian writers of the past century. C.S. Lewis is a well respected writer with a great body of work which far exceeds 'Narnia'. Then again, is it shocking that two flaming lefties wouldn't know a Christian writer? Perhaps not so much given the disdain that many on the left have for Christianity - which is evidenced by the consistent insults Behar has directed at Christians on The View and her own Joy Behar show on CNN Headline news."
Da Techguy:
"In addition to the other problems that the establishment has with Sarah Palin. She also calls out their religious 'personally believes' nonsense... It is when a pol says he 'personally believes' something but votes a different way..."
Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer:
"Did Huck just fall off of a turnip truck? He really appears to believe the Obamas are content to campaign for social change in eating habits rather than a gradual move toward laws that prohibit foods they find objectionable. Ever been to California, Mike? Just try to propose a steak house in a lefty-controlled city and watch the resulting firestorm. Could someone this naive really be considered a major presidential contender?"
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Palin is not at all against nutrition. While in office as Governor of Alaska, she even endorsed nutrition through the private sector. She has a healthy outdoors family. She didn’t need the government for that. Huckabee is part of the big government wing of the GOP that thinks government can be a benevolent source in the lives of everyone."
"And this my friends is why so many have concerns about the Huck. Look, no one is arguing that America hasn’t gotten more obese over the years and that it affects children more so than it used to. What we are saying is that it’s not big government’s problem to fix... We have to get back to the ideal that there are consequences to decisions we make, whether life is fair to us or not. And in this instance, big government isn’t just encouraging us to eat healthier, they are legislating it for our children. Sure, it’s public schools today, but have you listened to what these know it all libs say? They would tell us all what we could eat if they had the authority."
Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"I have to correct Sarah on one point — Queen Michelle did give us lowly peasants permission to eat pie on Thanksgiving, so FLOTUS isn’t entirely without mercy..."
Chris Of Rights:
"Palin brings up the plan presented by Paul Ryan (R-WI-01) last year which he calls the Roadmap for America’s Future... Sorry for quoting so much this time. It’s just that I agreed so closely with what she said. I also apologize for once again posting Palin’s words on this topic rather than Romney’s or Huckabee’s or one of the other 2012 Republican contenders. When they write something meaningful, I’ll quote them."
vain at The Sarah Palin Revolution:
"I find it interesting that Krauthammer bemoans the lack of substance from Sarah Palin. I have examined the evidence and from this have deduced... Krauthammer doesn't know how to work that Facebook Twittery thing on the interwebs so he hasn't read anything she has actually written..."
Mark Tapscott at The Washington Examiner:
"Mother Jones Washington Bureau chief David Corn is among a group of liberal and left-wing journalists who more than two years ago filed an Alaska Freedom of Information Act request for all emails sent or received by then-Gov. Sarah Palin. Their request was part of the Left's unprecedented (and continuing) assault upon Palin following her meteoric rise to national political stardom after being named Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate in 2008... She is the lone object of such efforts now, I suspect, because most mainstream media editors and reporters are liberals or leftist and she drives them bonkers, so they devote extraordinary efforts to nailing her in every possible way. So... shouldn't all members of Congress, presidential appointees and senior career bureaucrats expect as a matter of course that their emails will also be the subject of multiple FOIAs from inquiring journalists?"
Sissy Willis at sisu:
"We can't help but think that Governor Romney's handlers have been monitoring Sarah Palin's ongoing, energetic embrace of the full panoply of media, old and new — most recently the riveting 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' — and mistaking the trees for the forest, or something like that."
Ian Lazaran at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"The Democrat Party and the Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik are upset at the interview that aired on Good Morning America and Nightline between Democrat Robin Roberts and Governor Palin... If Governor Palin had performed poorly, Zurawik and the Democrat Party would be praising Democrat Roberts’ performance. If she had bombed, Zurawik and the Democrat Party would have nothing to complain about. However, since Palin performed well in a non-Fox News setting against a Democrat Party interviewer, Zurawik and the Democrat Party are lashing out at Democrat Robin Roberts... It’s pretty easy to understand why Zurawik and the Democrat Party are so upset with the interview. It destroys the Democrat Party’s talking point that Governor Palin cannot perform well in an interview that is not conducted with Fox News or conservative talk show hosts."
Robert S Welch Jr, a rare thoughtful Democrat, at The Welch Blog:
"Sarah Palin going to Haiti is good... Leave Sarah alone on this one please!"
Rodger the Real King of France at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical:
"Like most of these type lists, The 10 most powerful twits is way too touchy-feely and irrelevant for my tastes. Take the Tweet under the Obama-Medveded picture for example (ranked as the #2 most powerful). 'When Russian President joined Twitter, the White House immediately reached out to welcome him to the Twitterverse. Obama’s quote: Red phones no longer required.' Wow, that was certainly groin-grabbingly powerful. Sarah Palin's Top Ten Tweets, by contrast, were honestly delivered and caused seismic reactions within the Obamunist-Media Complex community, So, she wins."
Gregory Flap Cole at Flap's Blog:
"So, the race for the GOP Presidential nomination is really Sarah Palin’s to decide."
Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Café Blog Zone:
"Ultra-liberals are unbalanced hatemongers... They’re fretful of offending unnamed non-Christians by uttering the words 'Christmas party.' They believe anarchist WikiLeaks founder and accused rapist Julian Assange to be a hero (much of liberal Hollywood stood beside pedophile/child rapist Roman Polanski, so defending Assange isn’t all that much of a stretch)... And now liberal extremists in the media think it’s all in good fun to wish that Palin be tortured and murdered... Crikey, these statist sickos are soulless fools who never see their reflections when they look into mirrors."
- JP

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