Sunday, December 19, 2010

David Jenkins: Obama vs. Palin

Actually, the one who is polarizing is Obama himself
At Pajamas Media, David B. Jenkins observes that superficially at least, Gov. Palin and President Obama appear to have many things in common. Dig beneath the surface, however, and the two represent diametrically opposed visions of the kind of leadership this nation both requires and deserves:
Obama has campaigning ability, Palin has executive ability.

Getting himself elected to the nation’s highest office on a wave of nebulous “hope and change” was no small accomplishment. Though after nearly two years as “chief executive” he is still campaigning, which is not surprising — it’s the only thing he knows how to do. He had zero executive experience before entering the oval office, and has continued to pass the buck on governing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, since the voters soundly rejected his agenda in the 2010 mid-term elections. (However, he continues to protest that the voters did not reject his agenda – they just failed to understand it.)

Certainly no slouch as a campaigner herself, Governor Palin has also proven to be an effective administrator, establishing a stellar record all the way from her home town mayor’s office to the Alaska governor’s office, where she earned an incredible 80-plus percent approval rating from her fellow citizens.


Palin is spotless, Obama is corrupt.

Since entering the national scene as John McCain’s vice-presidential pick in 2008, Sarah Palin has been the object of intense, hostile scrutiny by hordes of leftists. Nothing has been spared. Not her public life, not her private life, not her family. Droves of Democrats have gone to Alaska to examine the public records, talk to her neighbors and townspeople, and file frivolous ethics complaints against her. Legal defense against these complaints has cost her family a great deal of money and required so much of her time and attention that it became impossible for her to continue as governor of the state.

Yet, to the chagrin of the ankle-biters, nothing has stuck.


Beyond her personal spotlessness, there is probably no politician in the country who has anything close to her record of fighting corruption in government, even when the “corrupt bastards” were members of her own party.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who gave as his qualification to be president his experience as a community organizer for the thoroughly corrupt ACORN organization, is presiding over what is easily one of the most corrupt administrations in U.S. history while enjoying almost total immunity from scrutiny by the MSM.


Palin loves America, Obama apologizes for America.

Sarah Palin knows and constantly affirms that America is objectively the most free, generous, and altruistic nation in history, a beacon to the world. A country where minorities find their rights respected and enjoy more acceptance and opportunity than anywhere else. These are the values of a great majority of her fellow citizens, and they respond to her because they recognize that she is one of them.

As for Obama, one of his first official acts as president was to apologize to the Arab world, granting his first sit-down interview to Arab television station Al-Arabiya. He took the opportunity to confirm the Arab view that the problem is America, not the jihadists who have murdered more than 3000 of our citizens. He soon followed up that performance by apologizing to Europe for America’s having been “arrogant, dismissive, and derisive.”


Palin’s world view is Christian; Obama’s is Marxist.

Every difference above stems from this one fundamental difference: Palin’s worldview is informed by the Bible; Obama’s view of life and the world is informed by the writings of Karl Marx and his disciple Saul Alinsky.

- JP

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