Thursday, December 9, 2010

Politico: Sarah Palin-friendly websites attacked (Updated)

New attacks come just one day after SarahPac site was hit
Just one day after Palin’s own site was briefly taken down by hackers, Conservatives4Palin and Tammy Bruce's site have been similarly attacked, Politico's Andy Barr is reporting:
“ has come under cyberattack yesterday and today,” said Conservatives4Palin’s Tim Lindell.

Visitors to the site on Thursday afternoon saw the page turn all-white with a brief line of text: “This site is currently off air for essential maintenance.”

Additionally, the site of conservative radio host Tammy Bruce — herself a firm Palin supporter — went down Thursday. Bruce wrote on Twitter that her staff believed the site, which came back online later, was “under attack.”

Neither the two Palin-friendly sites nor Palin’s team would speculate on whether the incidents were connected.

"At this point I cannot determine who is responsible for the attack, whether this is a coordinated attack against Palin bloggers or if it just happens to be a coincidence," said a source affiliated with Conservatives4Palin.
C4P was in the process of migrating to a larger capacity server when the attack came. The website had just changed blogging platforms several days earlier.

: Good news! C4P should be back up in just a matter of minutes.

- JP

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