Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 168

"Simple Man" Edition

Jay Newton-Small at
"At the center of the enterprise is her husband Todd... As she writes in America by Heart, 'He has been a partner to me in every conceivable way — in life, in love, and in doing battle with the New York Times.' ... Functioning as chief of staff, top adviser, lead scheduler and family enforcer... His small-business experience makes him a strong advocate for small government and lower taxes. He listens in on most of her interviews and preps her for TV appearances from the studio Fox News built in their Wasilla home. He's the one who will leave staffers with a kind word or the family's thanks; he's also the one who, when it's required, does the firing. He is often more passionate than his wife when he perceives a wrong. He monitors the news about her with a Google alert that goes to his BlackBerry."
bc3b at Be John Galt:
"By the way, Sarah Palin’s Facebook passed the 2.5 million follower mark over the weekend."
Rachelle Friberg at Conservative Girl With a Voice:
"Oh how quickly people forget. Remember the whole 2008 presidential campaign? Remember that Sarah Palin was the only candidate in the running that had executive experience? Not only did she have executive experience, but she was the most popular governor in the country who, when tapped for VP, had an approval rating in the 80 percentile. As the governor of the largest state, she tackled the corruption in Alaska head on and helped to put her state on the map. Unlike many of Mr. Scarborough's establishment friends, whose parents left them large trust funds, Sarah started from the ground up, serving in the PTA, on the city council and as a mayor before becoming governor. Click here to read all of Governor Palin's accomplishments."
Da Techguy:
"The media... the GOP establishment... the feminist establishment... and the various groups sucking at the government teat... want her to lose. Keep those facts in mind when you see the media talk about Sarah Palin and you will get it. Remember the left will tell you who they fear"
David French at
"Politicians like Sarah Palin are not anti-elite. They are against this elite. They are not anti-intellectual. They are against what passes for intellectualism in our chattering classes. An Army Ranger? Elite. A snarky writer? Not so much. In standing against the malice and condescension hurled her direction, Sarah Palin stands against a very dark aspect of American politics and culture. And in that regard -- even if we perhaps prefer different candidates for president -- conservatives should stand with her."
Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling:
"When it comes to the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination picture in Missouri Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are out ahead of the pack with 27% and 25% respectively. Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are a good deal back with 15% and 14%..."
Al at Big Al’s Dismal Swamp:
"Many women look at Sarah Palin and see a 'there go I, also' quality to her, and that if she can attempt and accomplish great things, then so can they. They see a woman that can be a wife, a mother and a leader, too. That literally nothing holds her back, so nothing holds them back either... That the cream really does rise to the top, if you are willing to put the effort in… for nothing has been handed to Sarah Palin. Some men look at her and see their own wife. Or their sister, or their mom. Or they secretly wish their wife was more like her... That their own sons and daughters really do have a chance at achieving great things with their lives... That somehow common sense really is important in the big picture of things. That maybe, just maybe, there is hope for us yet… out here in flyover land."
Donald Trump via The Daily Caller:
"I like Sarah Palin. I respect Sarah Palin."
Wesley J. Smith at Secondhand Smoke:
"She hunted and shot a caribou, and then field dressed it to bring home for food. That’s what many Alaskans do–like hunters throughout the country. As do fisher folk... But Aaron Sorkin–of West Wing fame (of course!)–has a hissy fit, calling it a 'snuff film.' This, even though he states that he 'happily' eats meat! ... Toward the end, Sorkin really goes off the rails–well, the entire column was never on the rails: 'That was the first moose ever murdered for political gain.' Has he never heard of Teddy Roosevelt? Besides, it was a caribou, not a moose. Jeez. More to the point, animals can’t be murdered. If they could, as a meat eater, Sorkin would be a conspirator in the crime."
Doug Hagin at The Daley Gator:
"Snuff films, Aaron? Really? And comparing cruelty to animals to hunting? Again, give us all a break, Aaron. Hunters do more, FAR FAR MORE, towards conservation than pinhead animal rights wackos or opinionated druggies like you do, Aaron."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Watching liberal media members agonize over the former governor shooting and eating a caribou on Sunday's 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' is becoming a spectator sport. Consider New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who is so angered by this hunting display she's actually seeing it as a political allegory with Palin's felled prey being the current White House resident... Unlike the rabid MSNBCers and Netrooters that have for the past two days accused the President of betrayal, Mo can't go there. Not yet. This deal is all the GOP's fault - including a woman not currently in office whose only 'crime' was killing a caribou. It really does take a staggering amount of rationalization to be a liberal media member these days."
Pat Austin at And So It Goes in Shreveport:
"I think Maureen Dowd has had enough nutmeg... An intervention may be necessary."
Serr8d at Serr8d's Cutting Edge:
"Maureen Dowd gets her hatey, spiteful, jealous, envious teen rage going for Sarah Palin... Maureen, you're being sanctimonious. And just a little envious, it seems, of Sarah Palin; you're redirecting your anger at Barack Hussein Obama to an unelected figurehead who just happens to be a more successful woman (with children) than...others in your circle... Sarah Palin has reached a pinnacle that many women in the Center-Right have achieved: married with children and a successful career. No matter how many Manhattan-condominium-microwaved TV dinners you get through, Ms. Dowd, you'll never truly taste of the Caribou."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"After she changed rifles, she got the caribou in one shot... In the second episode of the series, we saw Palin have a pretty accurate shot when she went shooting at clay pigeons... Palin shoots and kills with prom hair. I know the liberals are jealous."
Yuval Levin at NRO's The Corner:
"A Sarah Palin Facebook post against bailing out the states... is worth reading. Palin is in a decent position to make this argument, since Alaska is one of only two states (Michigan is the other) that do not have a defined-benefit pension system, and Palin took some smart steps as governor to shore up the state’s finances against a crunch. The case against bailouts for the states that are in the most trouble (California, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois generally top the list) is very strong, of course..."
- JP

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