Friday, October 15, 2010

What the SF Chronicle failed to mention

- by VotingFemale

The notoriously left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle did a piece (which was seized upon by HuffPo and leftist bloggers) on Sarah Palin's speech yesterday, October 14, 2010, for the Liberty and Freedom Foundation in San Jose, California, saying...
For someone widely credited with helping to shape the Republican field in the midterm elections, it was curious who didn't appear with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin... if to attempt to create a snicker meme that Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are not appearing with Sarah as they stump in California.

What is curious is a far-left California SF Chronicle writer feigning curiosity as to why anyone with a strong conservative base following would choose not to stump for other conservatives walking the moderate line in La-La Land.

Would Obama or Clinton campaign anywhere but Democrat strongholds in this election cycle? No? Gee... how curiously curious.

Obama is reportedly planning to show up and attack Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. Why? His ego must be in really bad shape these days to feel the need to slime Christine O'Donnell in person next to Coons. But then, about the only things he has ever been really good at is name calling and character assassinations. Saul Alinsky would be so proud of him.
Barack, be sure to have plenty of Purina Marxist Chow loaded on board Air Force One for Chris Coons.


Voting Female, Texas born and raised, manages her own blog and resides in New England.

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