Friday, October 15, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 131

"Qualify This!" Edition...

LibertyMom at No Tread Thread:
"There is one very important 'qualification' to be president in my book that is more important than grades in school, an impressive vocabulary, a law degree, and a pedigree family and that is leadership. Sarah Palin (I know it's hard to remember) didn't SEEK fame. It came to her. She seized the moment and used her new position to have an effect on American government. She is a modern day hero. She gave up elected power to help others make a difference as a private citizen. So to watch the media constantly berate her and ask at the same time, 'is Sarah Palin qualified to be president?' is ludicrous."
Braden at
"Repackaged policy arguments and political platitudes aren't where Palin shines. It's her authenticity."
The Xliberal:
"I drove 2.5 hrs with my co-worker to Bakersfield just to see Sarah Palin... The organizer of the event... introduced her as 'the next President of the United States,' and as she stepped out, the crowd raised to their feet and gave a thunderous applause. She definitely stole the show... She came out in her signature red/black suit and grinned from ear to ear. She radiated extreme confidence, enthusiasm and seemed to sparkle as the cameras flashed around the room... My co-worker who is a Romney fan said she was wowed by Sarah’s speech as well.. She is just amazing. I believe she will be our president in 2012."
Marathon Pundit at :
"Dr. Dan Benishek... self-described 'Yooper'... received a great endorsement this afternoon--from Sarah Palin... Like Alaskans, Yoopers say 'You betcha' a lot."
"One thing Mr. Obama and his smart people don’t realize is We The People don’t want the government doing for us. We want the government to step aside and let us do for ourselves... Most of Mr. Obama’s charm left him when he signed the Obama Care Bill. It was like his power was in his left hand and all of his energy escaped through the open pens. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is growing in grace and power. Candidates are begging her to come help. Without question Sarah is the most powerful voice in America today."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"If [Raul] Grijalva was scared to death before, he’s positively mortified since Sarah Palin endorsed Ruth [McClung]..."
Aaron Goldstein at Intellectual Conservative:
"Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue from the Left if Sarah Palin had said she wanted to strangle a Democrat politician? ... Remember last March when Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee produced a map with crosshairs targeting twenty Democratic members of the House of Representatives who had voted for Obamacare? There was outrage from liberals across America. 'Sarah Palin is targeting — yes, with gun sights — House Democrats facing tough reelection fights who voted for health care reform,' huffed The Huffington Post. Yet during the 2004 Presidential election campaign, the Democratic Leadership Council used a 'Targeting Strategy' map against President Bush... Given that both a movie was made and a book was subsequently written about the assassination of President Bush it should come as no surprise that liberals did not object to the 43rd President being targeted with gun sights."
Ben Smith at Politico:
"Pawlenty's challenge, if he declares next year, will be staying competitive financially with the likes of Sarah Palin, whose online fundraising has only accelerated."
Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4 Palin:
"I wouldn't be worried about the new Alaska polling showing a close race between Joe Miller and Murkowski. I'm still predicting a solid victory. It reminds me of all the predictions of a neck-and-neck race between Palin and Knowles in 2006. This post from Kos in late October 2006 will give you a good laugh."
Tammy Bruce:
"MObama: Prayers 'Keep The Spirits Clean Around Us'... That’s weird, because Sarah Palin’s spirits show up showered and wearing Brooks Bros no-iron shirts."
Sissy Willis at sisu:
"Following her mother's example, Sarah's eldest daughter has boldly embraced the full panoply of media — old and new, including Facebook — to disintermediate the gateway media and reach the hearts and minds of the Country Class on her own terms. In "Dancing with the Stars" with her partner Mark Ballas, she has dared to go where no Palin has gone before."
Rick Moore at
"Unable to Run on Their Policies Dems Run Against Palin... Good luck with that..."
Jon Stewart, liberal comedian, on NPR’s “Fresh Air”:
"There’s a difference between disagreeing with people, like newscasters on Fox News that I think are incorrect in their analysis of the days events, and people that threaten to kill you for putting a cartoon image of Mohammad in a bear suit [which is what 'South Park' did]. And that’s a line that we too often forget. And it’s very easy to dehumanize — and I will say in this room, I would imagine [Glenn] Beck and [Sarah] Palin are easier punching bags — and we think of it as, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so scared if they take over.’ ... And you know what, we will be fine."
Jim VandeHei, liberal journo, at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh:
"I think the most powerful, influential person in Republican politics... is Sarah Palin. There's nobody who can turn out a crowd, there's nobody who can raise money, there's nobody who can stir controversy like she can."
Christine O’Donnell on Fox News:
"[Palin] pioneered, blazing a trail in going up against the party. She went up against the party before it was cool! She was one of the first women to step up and really challenge the party bosses and the lords of the back room and their obnoxious sense of entitlement. And she was very successful. And she paved the way for many female politicians, as did a lot of women on the Democratic side."
- JP

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