Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some numbers to chew on

From the AP-GfK Poll, October, 2010


52/48 - Barack Obama
49/50 - Sarah Palin
48/51 - Democrat Party
45/54 - Republican Party
42/37 - Tea Party Movement
35/63 - Nancy Pelosi
29/54 - Harry Reid

Likely Voters
MoE +/- 3.3 percent
October 13-18, 2010

More here.

Gov. Palin's favorables have improved by 5 percent over last month's AP-GfK Poll, and her unfavorables have improved by 8 percent. The difference between her numbers and Obama's are within the poll's margin of sampling error (MoE). So much for the "she's unelectable" meme being pushed by the left and its trained media hounds...

Exit question: Will Allahpundit, who has posted every poll which has portrayed Gov. Palin in the worst possible light on Hot Air, post this one? Don't bet the farm on it.

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- JP

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