Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quote of the Day (October 20, 2010)

Michael Knox Beran on The Corner at NRO:
"In a piece called 'Making Ignorance Chic,' Maureen Dowd continues to use the kind of slips everyone makes on occasion (particularly when under pressure) against Sarah Palin, who in her words has 'made ignorance fashionable.' ... Dowd writes, 'You endorse a candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat who is the nominee in West Virginia? Oh, well.' Yeah, that’s almost as dumb as forgetting you stuck a paragraph from someone else’s work in your own column without attribution."

1 comment:

  1. Why is it that Maureen Down always looks like a cat that has just freshly masticated a litter of her own kittens?

    I do realize that taking the high-road is 'good politics' for Sarah, who is truly being Reaganesque in her exquisite mix of optimism and opportune good-humor ... amid the screams of these leftist howler monkeys.

    But I am not Sarah Palin, and do not have to take the high road.

    Therefore, Maureen Dowd is a bitter, wizened hag. She is a vile, dessicated, rasping crone who was born with a face that, no matter how hard she tries, cannot be improved by gigantic tubes of expensive boutique makeup made from muddled foetuses. Half of Maureen Dowd's head looks exactly like an artichoke, and all the squealing gay hairdressers in her cynical, Pinot Noir-guzzling coterie cannot correct the malformation of her birth.

    Dowd's very breath is a toxic fume -- this is a She-Beast who is perpetually miffed because she is, indeed, aware of the sheer number of wormy Democratic men she turns-off by simply walking into a room. Testosterone levels plunge when Dowd enters a crowd.

    Moreover, she hasn't had an original thought in her entire wasteland-of-a-life.

    So, I do not take the high road. Sarah does, and she must. Josh never fails to lace his commentary with fantastically witty subtle rebuttals, but he also must tame himself as a superb representative of Mrs. Palin.

    But I currently have the luxury of being a commenter and, since we who are conservative are the "Good" in the "Good vs. Evil" equation that some people are talking about, a little, these days, I wish to comment.

    Unlike Obama's heroes, I don't believe in mocking and humiliating others as a cold, primary, mindless tactic.

    But I ~do~ believe it is sometimes appropriate to mock bat-fanged, miserable, bony hags from Hell. Cheers, Maureen.