Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sarah Palin greeted by Michael Reagan in Palm Beach

The Crowley Political Report describes Gov. Palin's visit to the Palm Beach area Wednesday:
Her first stop was at the West Palm Beach headquarters of NewsMax where she stepped from a black SUV and was greeted outside by radio talk show host Michael Reagan, son of the late President Ronald Reagan and Christopher Ruddy, founder of NewsMax.

"Hi guys. How are you? Hi." Palin said as she waved to onlookers while Palm Beach photographer Lucien Capeheart was snapping away.

After her visit to NewsMax, Palin headed to Palm Beach where she attended an exclusive dinner at The Breakers with a group of conservative heavy hitters.
The governor also answered a few questions from the local press outside of the NewsMax offices:

h/t for the video: TheRightScoop

- JP

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