Monday, October 18, 2010

Political Ferocity of Conservative Women – We Are All In

- by VotingFemale
...shedding some light on the significance of the Maureen Dowd hit piece on Conservative Women:

It is not that Dowd is especially significant… she isn’t. It isn’t that Megan McCain is especially significant… she isn’t. It isn't that N.O.(L.)W. (National Organization of [Liberal] Women) is especially significant… they aren't.

It is about a Left-Wing combined effort to intimidate and personally attack “Conservative Women” to shut us the hell up. And, like attacks on the Tea Party itself… it elevates the narrative to a national level.

A partial list of Left-Wing strikes yesterday itemized by Legal Insurrection:
  • Meghan McCain: Christine O'Donnell 'Seen as Nutjob' - Uh, Meghan, that's a lot better than how you are seen.

  • Barney Frank's Boyfriend Heckles Sean Beilat - Man-up, Barney, and do your own heckling.

  • Frank Rich wrote an angry column complaining about all the angry rightwingers.

  • MoDo wrote a sophomoric column about all the sophomoric conservative chicks (who also are angry).
We are not going to back down and we are not going to shut up… and the Left had darn well learn a lesson and right quick… we will leverage this left-wing attack mode on us as a political force and bend it to our own purposes. And, it has already started…

The left is attacking us personally and they will draw back a politically gnawed-off stump. We are not intimidated. We are growing in numbers by the second. Maureen Dowd, N.O.W., tools like Megan McCain, the slimeball Democrat Party operatives and their lamestream media attack dogs are on notice.

We don't come to merely fight... we come to win.

From, M2, a conservative female commenter on my blog this morning:
"VF, as you well know, the current Republicans (mostly of the male gender) are not ballsy enough to call out exactly what the Dems do. Some are just stuck in the Beltway etiquette, where Dems speak in propaganda, and Repubs speak as though they actually should “respect” those Marxist talking points.Women like Michele Bachmann are real and to the point."

"That’s why Dowd has been ordered by her Marxist Over-Lords to fashion a propaganistic Alinsky hit-piece on the women running for office. Because they are effective and not afraid to say what is apparent to all of us."

Voting Female, Texas born and raised, blogs from New England.

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