Monday, October 18, 2010

Mrco Rubio to join Gov. Palin and Chairman Steele at Florida rally

According to Politico's Andy Barr, Florida U.S. Senate nominee Marco Rubio (R) will appear with Sarah Palin and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele at an RNC fundraising rally Saturday.

Tickets for the rally at the Orlando World Center Marriott start at just $20.10 and range in price up to $127.25, but attendees who ante up $950 for their tickets get to meet Gov. Palin.

- JP


  1. It's about time.

    Who's learned what?


    The Good Ol' Boys?

    It sure took Rubio his sweet ol' time ... did Romney let him off the leash?

  2. Rubio is Jeb Bush's man.

    This is an interesting development. Since Rubio has a large lead he probably feels it won't harm him to be seen with Sarah. Anyway, a welcome development. Hopefully, this means the Bushies are going to make their peace with Sarah and stop their passive aggressive war.