Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Doubt About Joe Miller: Pizza, Politics and Palin

Jonathan Karl of ABC News and Politico's Mike Allen sat down with Joe Miller for a long lunchtime interview, and the two journalistas made sure the conversation eventually got around to Gov. Palin:
JONATHAN KARL: We can’t end without asking about Sarah Palin.
MIKE ALLEN: You’re here because of Sarah Palin.
JOE MILLER: No doubt about it.
MIKE ALLEN: If she ran for president, would you support her?
JOE MILLER: You know there are a little folks that are out there that are putting their name in the hat, she absolutely is one of the good names that are there, any one of which would be better than Obama. There’s no question about that.
MIKE ALLEN: Should she go?
JOE MILLER: That’s her choice, you know right now.
JONATHAN KARL: But would you be encouraging her to run, you’re a smart guy I mean, you’ve known her for a long time. Do you think she should run?
JOE MILLER: That’s her choice entirely.
The full interview transcript and videos are here.

- JP

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