Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 126

"Clash of the Titans" Edition...

Jonathan Allen at Politico:
"The studio execs in nearby Hollywood couldn't have produced a better opening scene for Election 2010: Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin — two of the titans of their parties — will barnstorm through Orange County, Calif., on consecutive days in mid-October... Republicans say Palin will be a big draw, especially for base voters whose importance is magnified in mid-term elections and particularly in an area of the country [Orange County] where conservative roots continue to run deep..."
Rush Limbaugh:
"Sarah Palin has never looked at a poor guy in a wheelchair and said, 'Stand up.' Joe Biden did. Joe Biden is a walking gaffe..."
Gwen Ifill at PBS.org:
"Sarah Palin may or may not be running for president, but she is impossible to ignore. If you look at the impressively long list of women running for statewide office this year, it is dominated by Republicans. New Mexico's Susana Martinez. South Carolina's Nikki Haley. Connecticut's Linda McMahon. California's Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. Nevada's Sharron Angle. Delaware's Christine O'Donnell. There is no list of female Democrats that long and fresh. Surely Sarah Palin played some role in this sudden expansion of the GOP big tent."
Dixie Dobbins of Photography by Dixie:
"I am going to be photographing Sarah Palin in November in Dallas! ...this is quite an honor and I'm very excited to be a part of it."
Martin M. McMartin at Disrupt the Narrative:
"Anyone who experienced the energy and enthusiasm of a 2008 Palin rally should not be surprised that Sarah Palin is emerging as a 2012 Republican Presidential nomination favorite. Many presidential hopefuls endorse and campaign for mid-term congressional and gubernatorial candidates in an effort to build support, but they usually try to figure out who is going to win and then hitch their wagon to them. Palin actually sought out conservative candidates that needed support and helped to propel them to victory. In an age where the value of endorsements is rightfully questioned, nobody can deny that Palin has made a huge difference in several races this cycle. The same cannot be said of any of the other likely candidates."
Vin Weber, Pawlenty supporter, via Bloomberg Businessweek:
"I still don’t think [Sarah Palin] is going to run, but she is surely, at the end of this cycle, going to be in a position to enter the race as the frontrunner."
Stephen Bannon, “Fire From the Heartland” producer:
"I noticed there is a new generation of young, female activists who are at the forefront of this rebellion who are inspired by Sarah Palin. I wanted to tell their stories and I wanted to do it in a way that could be linked back to the founders of the country – Abigail Adams, the pioneer women, the frontier women, Clare Boothe Luce, Phyllis Schlafly. If you look at the conservative rebellion, it is women that are at the vanguard – not men, and that has never happened before in this country."
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"Women in the audience at the Smart Girl Summit embraced the Sarah Palin coined 'Mama Grizzly'. They delighted in it, even–clapping enthusiastically when speaker [Cathy] McMorris-Rogers used the term."
Greg W. Howard:
"Rauhauser appears to be the leader of a group of E-Thugs using social media to harass, threaten, provoke, disparage, intimidate, verbally assault with hate-speech and berate anyone (and their children) on Twitter who is not in agreement with the progressive left’s collective thought pattern... Some of these individuals, in fact, appear to be sociopathic. They have a penchant for exposing personal information about their targets and misrepresenting any partially factual information that they might have. In other words, libel, slander, and defamation are the norms with this group of social misfits... This band of e-thugs has literally incited the masses on twitter, threatened violence, rape and pedophilia. They have employed heated racism, religious bigotry, intimidated private citizens by exposing personal information (a tactic learned by KOS and Alaskan bloggers via the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin), which is now apparently being used by desperate Democrats in losing campaigns as a last resort. They cannot stick to issues because their issues are losers."
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"The confirmation battle is a reason to like [John Bolton], not a reason to vote for him. Right now, the race is Sarah Palin’s to lose."
Howard Fisher at Tea Party Hobos:
"I have heard it said that Sarah Palin is stupid. Yet she isn't the one ruining our country. She is not running up the debt that our Great-grand-kids won't be able to pay. She isn't centralizing all bureaucratic power. She isn't centralizing healthcare. She isn't taking over car companies or banks. She isn't following all of the models that have caused liberty to die."
Rabbi Eukel at River Rising Review:
"Who needs an incentive to meet & greet former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the icon for America's Constitutional Conservative Ronald Reagan Republicans?"
Benyamin Korn in a Moment Magazine profile:
"Palin has a solid education in communication skills. She’s not a university trained intellectual. And that’s the issue. But I spent my entire life around highly educated Jews, and I never heard them speak as much sense as this woman... I think that the biggest problem people have with her is that they haven’t heard her. They’ve heard what others have said about her. Listen to her for 10 minutes. You won’t think that she’s stupid, and you won’t think that she’s unable to run something."
Rachel Alexander at Intellectual Conservative:
"A major reason for these [Tea Party candidate] victories is Sarah Palin's willingness to buck the Republican Party establishment and endorse these candidates."
Moneyrunner at The Virginian:
"Prominent Democrats like Robert Reich and Gary McDowell are frankly addressing the issues of just letting older people die when they could live longer - because it just costs too much. They won't be called Death Panels, of course. They will be called by a more humane sounding name. But their function will be to tell the older patient that his or her life is just not worth saving; that he's costing 'society' too much. And from their death sentence there will be no appeal. Death Panels: thank you Sarah Palin for telling it like it is."
- JP

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